Alpha Capital Group Announces Weekly Top Performers

Alpha Capital Group announced its weekly top performers, with Rhys G. leading, earning $34,482, followed by Calogero V. and Xin C.

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Featured  News: Alpha Capital Group announces weekly top performers, highlighting trader achievements and substantial performance fees. Join the community!

Alpha Capital Group has released its weekly top performers and corresponding performance fees for the week ending June 17th—23rd. The firm, known for its rigorous trading environment and competitive incentives, highlights its traders’ achievements in securing significant payouts.

This week, Rhys G. leads the pack, whose outstanding performance earned him a substantial fee of $34,482. Following closely behind are Calogero V. with $20,750 and Xin C. with $16,217. The list continues with Kieran K. at $16,172, Duc N. at $12,082, and Agit A. at $11,604. Each trader’s success underscores Alpha Capital Group’s commitment to rewarding talent and performance in the markets.

Alpha Capital Group Announces Weekly Top Performers

Alpha Capital Group provides traders access to extensive resources and a supportive community. The firm offers traders access to advanced trading tools, educational resources, and capital, enabling them to maximize their potential. The firm’s transparent approach to performance evaluation and compensation reflects its dedication to fostering a conducive trading environment.

Alpha Capital Group allows traders to trade with the firm’s capital, reducing personal risk while amplifying profit potential. This model attracts experienced traders who seek to leverage the firm’s resources and infrastructure to achieve their financial goals. Alpha Capital Group‘s emphasis on performance-based rewards ensures that traders are incentivized to deliver strong results consistently.

Traders at Alpha Capital Group have the opportunity to engage further through platforms like Discord, where they can review and submit their payouts, fostering a collaborative atmosphere among its trading community.

For more information about Alpha Capital Group and its trading opportunities, visit the website or join their Discord community. Prospective traders can learn more about the firm’s trading model, resources, and the benefits of joining a prop trading firm.

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