Exclusive Offer: 30% Off Evaluations at Alpha Capital Group!

Alpha Capital Group offers a 30% discount on trader evaluations, introduces DX trade, and welcomes back U.S. traders for growth.

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Featured News: Join Alpha Capital Group for 30% off evaluations. Welcome back, U.S. traders! Explore DX trade for diversified trading opportunities.

Alpha Capital Group is thrilled to announce an exclusive 30% discount on trader evaluations for a limited time. This promotion, valid for just 48 hours, aims to attract talented traders looking to join a top-tier prop firm. Aspiring traders can take advantage of this opportunity by using the promo code “USABACK” during the evaluation registration process.

Starting today, traders have a unique chance to save significantly on the evaluation process. The 30% discount lowers the entry barrier, encouraging skilled traders to demonstrate their expertise and potentially join the elite team at Alpha Capital Group. This promotion underscores the firm’s commitment to expanding its talented pool of traders and supporting its journey towards financial success.

Also, Alpha Capital Group is proud to introduce DX trade. This new trading option offers traders greater flexibility and access to a broader range of financial instruments. Moreover, DX trade is part of Alpha Capital Group’s ongoing efforts to innovate and provide its traders with cutting-edge tools and opportunities to optimize their trading strategies.

Alpha Capital Group: 30% Off Evaluations + Welcome Back U.S. Traders!

Alpha Capital Group is also excited to welcome traders from the United States back. This reopening marks a significant milestone for the firm, emphasizing its dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive trading environment. Additionally, U.S. traders bring a wealth of experience and perspectives that enrich the firm’s trading community, and their return is highly anticipated.

Alpha Capital Group continuously strives to create an environment where traders can excel. The launch of DX trade, combined with the return of U.S. traders and the firm’s limited-time discount, signifies its commitment to growth and innovation. The firm is eager to see the trading community expand and thrive.

Why Choose Alpha Capital Group?

Alpha Capital Group stands out in the prop trading industry due to its rigorous evaluation process, robust capital backing, and state-of-the-art trading platforms. The firm provides traders with substantial resources, including:

  • Significant Capital Access: Traders gain access to large amounts of trading capital, enabling them to execute substantial trades and maximize their potential profits.
  • Advanced Trading Platforms: Alpha Capital Group also offers cutting-edge trading technology, ensuring traders can execute trades efficiently and effectively.
  • Professional Development Resources: Furthermore, the firm is dedicated to the continuous growth of its traders, offering educational resources, mentorship programs, and regular performance reviews.

How to Avail the Discount

To benefit from the 30% discount, traders need to:

  1. Visit the Alpha Capital Group website.
  2. Register for the evaluation process.
  3. Enter the promo code “USABACK” at checkout.
  4. Complete the registration within the 48-hour promotion period.

This offer is a golden opportunity for traders to join a prestigious firm at a reduced cost, showcase their skills, and become part of a team that values excellence and innovation.

This promotion is valid for 48 hours only. Terms and conditions apply.

With this expanded announcement, Alpha Capital Group also aims to engage new and seasoned traders, offering them a pathway to success through its limited-time promotion, innovative trading options, and welcoming community.

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