From Nigeria to Triumph: Datom Manuel and FundedNext

Datom Manuel, a dedicated Forex trader from Nigeria, found success and support with FundedNext, transforming her trading journey.

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Featured News: Discover how FundedNext empowers Nigerian Forex trader Datom Manuel by providing exceptional support and innovative incentives.

In the competitive world of Forex trading, finding the proper support can make all the difference. For Datom Manuel, a Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria trader, joining FundedNext was a game-changer that felt nothing short of a miracle.

Datom Manuel’s Journey:

Datom Manuel, a dedicated Forex trader with six years of experience, has been actively trading for the past four years. Living in the vibrant city of Port Harcourt, Datom has embraced the challenges and opportunities of the Forex market. However, her journey with FundedNext has been pivotal in her trading career.

Trading Strategies and Style:

Datom’s trading strategy is a sophisticated blend of Quasimodo patterns, ICT (Inner Circle Trader) concepts of price and time, and volume profile analysis. She trades various financial instruments, including stock indices, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies, rather than confining herself to one asset class.

Additionally, her meticulous approach involves analyzing high time frames, using tools like Fibonacci retracements to identify premium and discount zones, and focusing on key market events to time her trades.

“I’ve learned to wait for the right setups,” Datom explains. “I usually get my best setups in the second and last weeks of the month. I look at the economic calendar and align my trades with major news events to capitalize on market volatility.”

FundedNext’s Impact:

Datom’s association with FundedNext has been highly beneficial. The firm’s innovative approach and excellent support have significantly contributed to her trading success. FundedNext’s unique incentives have been particularly motivating, such as rewarding traders with 15% of their phase one and phase two profits if they achieve a 5% profit target.

“The support at FundedNext is exceptional,” Datom says. “They understand the challenges of trading and offer incentives that keep me motivated. Their patience and professionalism have greatly impacted my trading journey.”

Trading Philosophy and Future Plans:

Despite the inherent trading challenges, Datom remains focused on being consistently profitable rather than fixating on her win rate. Her strategy, which averages a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:5, allows her to stay profitable even if her win rate is around 50%.

“I’ve realized that it’s not about winning every trade,” Datom notes. “It’s about managing risk and ensuring that my profitable trades outweigh my losses. With FundedNext’s support, I feel more confident in my trading decisions.”

Looking ahead, Datom is excited about her future with FundedNext. Furthermore, she plans to continue refining her strategies, leveraging the firm’s resources, and sharing her journey with the trading community.


Datom Manuel’s story is a testament to the impact of proper support and innovative incentives on a trader’s career. Moreover, FundedNext has provided Datom with the tools and resources she needs to succeed and fostered a supportive and motivating environment. As Datom continues navigating the dynamic world of Forex trading, her journey with FundedNext is also an inspiring example of how dedication and strategy yield success in Forex trading.

You can watch the video of Datom Manuel’s full interview and gain deeper insights into her trading journey with FundedNext.

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