Funded Trading Plus Offers Attractive July Promotions for Traders

Funded Trading Plus offers July promotions: discounts on evaluations and resets, immediate earnings, account doubling opportunities, and high payouts until July 31st.

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Featured News: Funded Trading Plus offers July promotions on evaluations, immediate earnings, and account growth opportunities for traders.

Funded Trading Plus has announced an enticing set of July promotional offers for novice and experienced traders. The firm, known for providing capital and resources to skilled traders, offers significant discounts and enhanced earning potential throughout the month.

Promotion Details:

  • Evaluation Discounts: Traders can enjoy a substantial 10% discount on all evaluations using the code JULY 10. This reduction in entry costs makes it more accessible for traders to showcase their skills and potentially join the firm’s funded trader program.
  • Reset Discount: For those who may need to restart their evaluation process, Funded Trading Plus is offering a generous 20% discount on resets when using the code JULY 20. This second-chance opportunity comes at a reduced cost, encouraging traders to persist in qualifying for funding.
  • Accelerated Account Growth: The promotion introduces an exciting account-doubling feature. Furthermore, traders can double their account size for every 10% gain. This scalable model also provides a clear path for ambitious traders to increase their trading capital rapidly.
  • Generous Payout Structure: Funded Trading Plus offers up to 100% payouts, a beautiful profit-sharing arrangement that allows successful traders to maximize their earnings.
Funded Trading Plus Offers Attractive July Promotions for Traders

Funded Trading Plus Offers Attractive July Promotions for Traders

This promotional package represents a significant opportunity in the prop trading industry. Funded Trading Plus is positioning itself as a trader-friendly platform in a competitive market by lowering entry barriers and offering immediate and substantial rewards.

Additionally, the combination of discounted evaluations, immediate earnings, and accelerated account growth creates a compelling proposition for traders at all levels. Novice traders can benefit from the reduced cost of entry, while experienced traders can leverage the account doubling feature and high payout structure to accelerate their trading careers.

Limited Time Offer:

Interested traders should note that these promotional offers are only valid until Wednesday, July 31st. The limited-time nature of the promotion adds urgency for those considering joining a prop trading firm or looking to switch to a more advantageous platform.

How to Participate:

To take advantage of these offers, traders can visit the Funded Trading Plus website and use the appropriate promotional codes during the sign-up or reset process.

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