FundedNext Launches “NOVA OFFER” with 300% Reward Bonus

FundedNext launches Nova Offer: 300% reward bonus on challenge accounts, valid until June 28, 10 PM GMT+4. Use code NOVA300.

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Featured News: With the FundedNext Nova Offer, you can get a 300% reward bonus on challenge accounts using code NOVA300. This offer is valid for a limited time only!

FundedNext has shared its latest campaign to empower traders with enhanced opportunities: the “NOVA OFFER.” This limited-time promotion promises a substantial 300% Reward Bonus on all challenge accounts, significantly boosting aspiring traders.

Under the terms of the NOVA OFFER, new account purchasers can leverage this exclusive bonus by using the coupon code NOVA300 at checkout. Furthermore, the bonus provides a 100% reward on the first three payouts, tripling participants’ initial investment potential.

This offer also incentivizes new traders and gives them a solid foundation to kickstart their trading journey. Additionally, the firm believes in fostering growth and rewarding success, and the NOVA OFFER exemplifies its commitment to supporting the trading community.

FundedNext Launches Exclusive "NOVA OFFER" with 300% Reward Bonus

FundedNext Launches “NOVA OFFER” with 300% Reward Bonus

The conditions for the NOVA OFFER specify that it is applicable upon payout eligibility and exclusively available for new account purchases. However, interested parties must act swiftly, as the promotion concludes on 28th June at 10 PM GMT+4. This deadline ensures traders have a limited window to capitalize on this compelling opportunity.

For those looking to seize this offer and commence trading with FundedNext, further details and registration are available through the firm’s official channels. FundedNext encourages prospective traders to visit their website to learn more and participate in this exclusive promotion.

With the NOVA OFFER, FundedNext aims to empower traders with enhanced rewards and a conducive environment for their trading goals. This initiative underscores the firm’s ongoing commitment to innovation and support within the prop trading industry.

To take advantage of the NOVA OFFER and begin trading with FundedNext, visit FundedNext‘s official website for more information and to get started today.

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