The Funded Trader Expands with Match-Trader Integration

The Funded Trader announces the integration of Match-Trader, enhancing its platform lineup alongside DXTRADE, cTrader, and PLATFORM 5.

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Featured News: The Funded Trader expands its platform lineup by integrating Match-Trader, enhancing users’ trading experience.

The Funded Trader announces the upcoming integration of Match-Trader into its suite of trading platforms. This addition further strengthens the firm’s commitment to providing its trading community with top-tier tools and technologies.

Match-Trader by Match-Trade Technologies

Match-Trader, powered by Match-Trade Technologies, offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of trading instruments. Available on both mobile and web platforms, Match-Trader promises a seamless and enhanced trading experience. Traders can look forward to cutting-edge technology designed to facilitate efficient and effective trading.

Existing Platforms: DXTRADE, cTrader, and PLATFORM 5

The Funded Trader already offers DXtrade, cTrader, and PLATFORM 5, which the trading community highly appreciates for their robust features and capabilities.

The Funded Trader Expands with Match-Trader Integration

The Funded Trader Expands with Match-Trader Integration

  • DXtrade: Known for its modern and intuitive interface, DXtrade provides a comprehensive suite of trading tools, ensuring traders can access sophisticated yet user-friendly mobile and web solutions.
  • cTrader: This platform boasts advanced features and intensely focuses on automated trading. Furthermore, with full functionality across mobile and web platforms, cTrader is ideal for traders prioritizing precision and efficiency in their trading strategies.
  • PLATFORM 5: Featuring extensive capabilities tailored for algorithmic trading, PLATFORM 5 is integrated with numerous brokers and supported by a large and active community. Additionally, this platform meets the diverse needs of modern traders, offering powerful tools to enhance their trading strategies.

Integrating Match-Trader into The Funded Trader‘s platform lineup highlights the firm’s dedication to continuous innovation and excellence. However, as the firm launches Match-Trader, we encourage traders to stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

The Funded Trader is a prop trading firm committed to empowering traders with advanced technology and resources. Focused on innovation and customer satisfaction, The Funded Trader also continues to set industry standards in the prop trading sector.

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