Updates from The Funded Trader: Elevating Trading Experience

The Funded Trader introduces new payment solutions, expanded crypto options, VIP programs, automated funded accounts, and enhanced risk automation tools.

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Featured News: Discover exciting updates from The Funded Trader, including new payment solutions, VIP programs, and enhanced trading features.

The Funded Trader (TFT) is thrilled to announce a series of enhancements designed to elevate the trading experience for the community. As part of the firm’s commitment to innovation and trader satisfaction, the firm has rolled out several critical updates and initiatives.

New Payment Solutions

The firm is excited to introduce a new payment solution in partnership with Columis Exchange. Furthermore, traders can now buy cryptocurrencies via credit card at checkout, streamlining the funding process. The firm will soon support Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other popular payment methods to offer greater flexibility and convenience.

Expanded Crypto Payment Options

Starting July 4th, TFT will accept a broader range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Dash, Ripple (XRP), TRON (TRX), and Polygon (MATIC). This expansion also ensures that traders have multiple options to fund their accounts seamlessly.

VIP Programs

The Funded Trader’s new VIP Programs are to reward top-performing traders with exclusive benefits. Additionally, these programs will offer increased maximum drawdown limits, enhanced profit splits, and other perks tailored to support and encourage exceptional trading performance.

Automated Funded Accounts

TFT will now enable automated funded accounts post-KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and contract completion to streamline account management. Moreover, this automation will expedite the process, allowing traders to focus more on their trading activities.

Risk Automation Tools

The Funded Trader is implementing advanced risk automation tools to ensure faster and more efficient payouts. Finally, by August, traders can expect payouts to be processed in under two hours, enhancing liquidity and financial flexibility.

Updates from The Funded Trader: Elevating Trading Experience

Updates from The Funded Trader: Elevating Trading Experience

New Payout Methods and Liquidity Providers

The Funded Trader has partnered with Rise, Plane, and LMAX to introduce new payout methods and liquidity providers. However, these partnerships aim to offer traders more reliable and diverse payout options.

Stability Measures

The firm is creating global entities to maintain stable operations globally. This strategic move addresses the temporary pause in previous payouts caused by processing issues and ensures more robust financial operations.

Updated Policies

The firm has introduced new policies for high-risk traders to mitigate risk and protect the trading community. To maintain a secure and stable trading environment, these traders will receive refunds or payouts and subsequently be banned.

New Statistics and Leaderboard Pages

The Funded Trader has launched new statistics and leaderboard pages on Its platform. These pages will allow traders to track daily payouts, monitor top-performing traders, and gain insights into overall trading performance.

Enhanced Certificates

TFT now issues enhanced certificates detailing reward metrics and payout processing times. These certificates also aim to provide transparency and recognition for traders’ achievements.

Account Audits

The firm is conducting account audits to compensate affected traders in response to past issues. Furthermore, this initiative underscores the firm’s commitment to fairness and integrity in operations.

Upcoming Integration with Match-Trade and TradingView

The Funded Trader is excited to announce the upcoming integration with Match-Trade and TradingView. This integration will provide traders with enhanced trading tools and analytics, improving their trading experience.

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