How we Test

Forex Prop Talk Methodology

Forex Prop Talk is an online prop trading company reviews platform. We focus on reviewing the leading companies within the prop trading industry by including all the most critical details. Our priority is to provide you with accurate information and ultimately help you find the Proprietary Trading Firm that will suit your personal requirements.


We review each Proprietary Trading Firm based on the exact same criteria to evaluate all the necessary details of each company perfectly.

Evaluation Formula

We evaluate four critical details of each Proprietary Trading Firm.


Reviewed Detail Explanation of Importance
Objectives & Rules We systematically evaluate the objectives and rules of each proprietary trading firm as a fundamental part of our assessment process. This involves a meticulous examination of their mission, trading goals, and adherence to established rules. The importance of this testing lies in providing potential traders with a clear understanding of the firm’s strategic direction and commitment to ethical and regulatory standards. By rigorously assessing these aspects, we aim to ensure that traders can align themselves with firms that share compatible objectives, fostering a transparent and trustworthy trading environment in the dynamic landscape of proprietary trading.
Fees We systematically assess the fees of each proprietary trading firm as a crucial step in our evaluation process. This involves a comprehensive examination of trading fees, non-trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, and any challenge-related costs. The importance of this testing lies in providing potential traders with a transparent understanding of the financial implications associated with trading with a particular firm. By rigorously evaluating fees, we empower traders to make informed decisions, ensuring they can choose a proprietary trading partner that aligns with their financial goals and preferences.
Customer Support We systematically evaluate the customer support of each proprietary trading firm as a critical aspect of our assessment process. This involves firsthand interactions across various channels, such as live chat, email, phone, and social media platforms, at different times. The importance of this testing lies in ensuring potential traders have access to responsive and effective support, enhancing their overall trading experience. A robust customer support system is crucial for addressing queries, resolving issues promptly, and providing traders with the assistance they need. Through our assessments, we aim to guide traders towards firms that prioritize excellent customer support, fostering a positive and reliable trading environment.
Community Feedback We systematically review community feedback for each proprietary trading firm as a crucial step in our evaluation process. This includes analyzing reviews, testimonials, and discussions across various platforms to understand the firsthand experiences of users. The significance of this testing is in gaining valuable insights from real-world interactions, offering prospective traders perspectives on the firm’s reliability, customer service, and overall performance. By integrating community feedback, our assessment becomes more comprehensive and user-centric, enabling individuals to make informed decisions based on the shared experiences of the trading community.

Our values

Forex Prop Talk’s primary mission is to provide assistance to traders who are looking to find a reliable Proprietary Trading Firm. Our review process is built on the following details:


  • 1. We stand as an independent entity committed to operating with the highest integrity, and our rating remains impervious to any influence from proprietary trading entities.
  • 2. Our evaluation of proprietary trading firms is based on identical criteria, offering you entirely unbiased reviews of the most dependable prop trading entities within the industry.
  • 3. Our priority is transparency, and our ratings are solely based on our firsthand experiences with the proprietary trading firms we are reviewing.
  • 4. As previously pointed out, our comprehensive reviews derive from the firsthand experiences of our analysts. This means that each review is developed through real-time trading with every unique prop trading company.



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