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3 months ago 0 34
Alpha Capital Group excelled, earning impressive fees. Join Discord for insights and opportunities in the trading community.
3 months ago 0 11
FundedNext propels traders forward with the launch of TradingView beta, offering advanced tools for informed decision-making in trading.
4 months ago 0 38
Alpha Capital Group launches March giveaway, featuring a Rolex prize and exclusive London trip for lucky winner.
4 months ago 0 28
Alpha Capital Group unveils top performers for February 19th-25th, with Hernán C. leading at $16,100, showcasing remarkable trading ...
4 months ago 0 15
Alpha Capital Group introduces cTrader platform, offering prop traders advanced features including versatile charting, live sentiment data, and ...
4 months ago 0 25
Alpha Capital Group launches cTrader, a premium trading platform with advanced charting tools and intuitive features, available from ...
5 months ago 0 32
Prop firm Alpha Capital Group removes Martingale rule, granting traders complete strategic control and responsibility.
5 months ago 0 15
Alpha Capital Group meets trader demand with Micro Lot Trading, allowing transactions as small as 0.01 lots for ...
5 months ago 0 12
Alpha Capital Group's February Trading Challenge offers 40% off Alpha Pro Evaluation. Last chance to enter free using ...
5 months ago 0 42
Alpha Capital Group's top traders excelled, earning substantial performance fees—proof of the firm's commitment to fostering success in ...

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