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19 hours ago 0 1
FundedNext introduces Spark Offer, revolutionizing trading with profit-sharing, reward bonuses, and lifetime payouts, empowering traders' success.
6 days ago 0 7
FundedNext introduces a 2% drawdown limit increase for Stellar Lite Challenge participants, enhancing trading flexibility and risk management.
2 weeks ago 0 12
Featured News: Pietro Fiorasso reveals in FundedNext Interview about hedge funds, emphasizing the importance of accountability.
3 weeks ago 0 13
FundedNext’s June Competition offers traders prizes exceeding $30,000, including a $2.757M challenge account. Register now for a chance ...
3 weeks ago 0 46
FundedNext unveils Pass Aid, automating trade closures upon reaching targets, providing traders with efficiency and peace of mind.
4 weeks ago 0 19
Alex's journey from corporate leader to trader underscores the crucial role of discipline and self-care in trading success.
4 weeks ago 0 29
FundedNext integrates the cTrader platform, expanding trading options for traders and reinforcing commitment to innovative solutions.
1 month ago 0 27
FundedNext's May Competition offers traders over $30,000 in prizes, including challenge accounts worth $2.757 million. Register now to ...
1 month ago 0 22
Giko, a trader with FundedNext, shares his journey from Forex robots to independent trading, highlighting risk management and ...
1 month ago 0 29
FundedNext introduces the Eid Offer: Triple your earnings with a 300% refund on the first three payouts.

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