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4 weeks ago 0 25
The Funded Trader returns with a focus on philanthropy, empowering traders while channeling proceeds into charitable causes.
4 weeks ago 0 24
The Funded Trader shifts focus, prioritizing trader payouts over affiliates, ensuring fairness. Progress: 52% of active accounts dispatched.
2 months ago 0 25
The Funded Trader halts operations amidst payout complaints, promising a relaunch amid industry-wide regulatory pressures. CEO addresses concerns.
2 months ago 0 45
The Funded Trader propels traders with commission-free trading from March 19 to April 5, 2024,
2 months ago 0 23
The Funded Trader New Dragon Challenges Sizes: $300,000 and $600,000 funding sizes, offering traders unprecedented opportunities for success.
2 months ago 0 20
The Funded Trader extends promotions until April 9, offering up to 95% payouts, empowering traders with discounts and ...
3 months ago 0 9
The Funded Trader launches unbeatable promotions, offering discounts, bonuses, and enhanced payout structures to empower aspiring traders.
3 months ago 0 27
Andrew, a self-taught trader, shares his journey to success with TFT, emphasizing perseverance, discipline, and risk management principles.
3 months ago 0 6
The Funded Trader launches DXtrade platform, offering up to 40% off, enhanced payouts, and exclusive promo codes. Don't ...
3 months ago 0 22
The Funded Trader introduces DXtrade: a revolutionary platform offering global accessibility, advanced tools, and a seamless user interface ...

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