Bespoke Funding 12% Challenge: A New Frontier for Traders

Bespoke Funding introduces the 12% Challenge, offering traders an 85% profit split and 42% off using code FLASH42.

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Featured News: Bespoke Funding 12% Challenge: 85% profit split, 12% drawdown, 42% off with code FLASH42. Opportunity awaits!

Bespoke Funding has introduced an enticing new challenge for traders seeking to push their limits and maximize their potential. The 12% Challenge offers participants unique opportunities to showcase their skills while enjoying attractive benefits.

Bespoke Funding divides its 12% Challenge into two phases, each with its profit target. In phase one, traders aim for a 9% profit target, while phase two presents a slightly lower target of 6%. To complete the challenge, participants must achieve these targets within at least three days.

With an impressive 85% profit split, participants stand to gain significantly from their successful trades. The challenge establishes a modest 12% overall drawdown limit, ensuring careful risk management throughout. Additionally, a daily drawdown limit of 5% provides further protection for traders, allowing them to navigate market fluctuations confidently.

Bespoke Funding 12% Challenge: A New Frontier for Traders

To sweeten the deal, Bespoke Funding is offering an exclusive discount of 42% off all 12% Challenge accounts. Traders can take advantage of this limited-time offer by using the code FLASH42 during sign-up.

The firm is pleased to announce the launch of a new challenge designed to empower traders and reward their success. With generous profit splits, stringent risk management measures, and an exciting discount offer, the 12% Challenge presents a compelling opportunity for traders to test their abilities and achieve their goals.

Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the challenge rules to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience. By leveraging their skills and embracing this new opportunity, traders can unlock their full potential and chart a path to success in the dynamic world of trading.

Visit Bespoke Funding’s website today for more information and to sign up for the new 12% Challenge.

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