Alpha Capital Group Celebrates Top Performers + 25% Discount

JANNATH K leads with $16,000, trailed by MAXWELL O at $13,914. VALERIE D follows with $10,668, showcasing Alpha Capital Group’s trading prowess.

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Featured News: The Alpha Capital Group celebrates top performers with impressive performance fees and seizes a 25% discount on evaluations with code JAN25.

Alpha Capital Group has shared its top performers from January 8 – 14. Leading the pack is JANNATH K, who pocketed an impressive $16,000 in performance fees, showcasing their exceptional skill and mastery of the markets.

Right on the tail of JANNATH K’s outstanding performance is MAXWELL O, claiming the second spot with $13,914 in fees. Subsequently, VALERIE D follows suit with a noteworthy $10,668, showcasing a remarkable trend in trading success. Moving down the list, NICLAS B secures the fourth position with $10,390.50 in performance fees, while ANDREW D takes the fifth spot, boasting an impressive $9,814. Lastly, in the sixth position, TOM H closes the rankings with a commendable $9,370 in performance fees.

These impressive figures highlight the potential for success within Alpha Capital Group‘s community of traders, where access to cutting-edge tools, personalized support, and expert guidance empowers individuals to navigate the complex world of prop trading.

Alpha Capital Group Celebrates Top Performers + 25% Discount

Alpha Capital Group is incredibly proud of its top performers this week. Traders’ achievements underscore the firm’s programs’ effectiveness and the traders’ dedication. Alpha Capital Group is committed to providing the resources and environment that allow its clients to unlock their full potential and achieve trading success.

In light of these achievements, Alpha Capital Group extends a warm invitation to new traders, offering a 25% discount on all Alpha Pro Evaluations until the end of January. By using the code JAN25 at checkout, aspiring traders can thoroughly assess their trading skills. Furthermore, this exclusive offer emphasizes the firm’s commitment to nurturing the growth and success of its trading community.

Take advantage of this opportunity to join a top-tier group of successful traders and unleash your potential in the trading market. Visit Alpha Capital Group today and start your journey toward trading freedom!

Key Takeaways

  • Alpha Capital Group‘s top traders earned impressive performance fees last week, exceeding $9,000 each.
  • A remarkable 25% discount on Alpha Pro Evaluations is available until the end of January using code JAN25.

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