Alpha Capital Group December Challenge Unveils Opportunities!

Alpha Capital Group’s December Challenge offers traders diverse tiers, inclusive rewards, and a chance to elevate skills with impressive prizes.

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Featured News: Elevate your trading skills and compete for substantial prizes in the Alpha Capital Group December Challenge.

In the dynamic world of Prop trading, where talent and skill are paramount, Alpha Capital Group presents an exciting opportunity for traders to prove their mettle. Prepare for an exhilarating contest with the December Trading Challenge, where participants can compete for substantial prizes and gain recognition in the trading community.

Embark on the Journey: Diverse Tiers for Every Trader

At the pinnacle of the challenge is the $100,000 Challenge, accompanied by a $1,000 cash prize for the 1st position. This tiered structure ensures that traders of varying expertise levels have a shot at claiming significant rewards. From the 2nd place securing a $50,000 Challenge to the 3rd and 4th positions also claiming a $50,000 Challenge, the competition is fierce and rewarding.

Inclusivity at its Core: Rewards for Every Participant

Participants finishing in the 11th to 99th positions won’t leave empty-handed; they’ll have a chance to participate in a $10,000 Challenge. Participants from 100th to 200th will receive an exclusive 30% discount code, making this challenge an inclusive opportunity for traders of all standings to engage and win big.

Alpha Capital Group December Challenge Unveils Opportunities!

Seamless Entry: A Gateway to Trading Excellence

  • Free Participation: Accessible to all traders, the challenge offers a no-cost entry, making it inclusive and open to enthusiasts of all levels.

Simple Process

  • Sign up for a free profile on the Alpha Capital Group dashboard.
  • Navigate to the competition section.
  • Enter the December Challenge.

Automatic Credentials

  • Upon entry, participants will receive their credentials automatically via email.


  • Participants have until December 1st to join the competition, providing ample time to prepare and seize this valuable opportunity.

Maximize Your Gains: The Essence of the Challenge

In trading, participants compete in 99 Alpha Pro Challenges to showcase skills, aiming for recognition within the community. Success brings accolades as traders demonstrate prowess in the competitive arena, gaining visibility and respect in the broader trading community.

A Call to Action: Don’t Miss Your Chance

Seasoned pros reaffirm skills, novices mark at Alpha Capital Group‘s December Challenge—a prime arena. Elevate your trading in this event, whether pro or novice, eager to excel. Test your skills, learn from the best, and potentially walk away with significant prizes. Seize this chance to embark on a transformative trading journey – get involved today. Good luck to all participants!

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