Alpha Capital Group Festive Gift: Free $5,000 Evaluation!

During this festive promotion, seize the opportunity for a free $5,000 evaluation—a gesture embodying Alpha Capital Group’s holiday spirit.

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Featured News: Alpha Capital Group Festive Gift with a free $5,000 evaluation. Explore terms, claim yours, and embrace festive generosity.

In the spirit of holiday generosity, Alpha Capital Group is making waves by offering a remarkable Christmas gift to all – a complimentary $5,000 evaluation. This seasonal gesture, intended to spread cheer among users, underscores the firm’s commitment to its clientele.

To take advantage of this holiday offer, visit the Alpha Capital Group website. Upon arrival, users can effortlessly log in or create an account, navigate to the ‘Profile’ section, and opt for the ‘Verification’ process. The process involves completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) form through Sumsub. Upon verifying their information, participants receive a prompt to click the ‘Claim account’ button and check their registered email for account credentials.

Alpha Capital Group Festive Gift: Free $5,000 Evaluation!

However, it’s important to note the terms and conditions associated with this gracious offer. The promotion is limited to one per person, and any attempt to claim multiple accounts will result in immediate closure. Alpha Capital Group emphasizes a strict “No Martingale” policy, urging users to familiarize themselves with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

Moreover, there are specific parameters in place for funded accounts. The firm imposes a maximum lot cap of 2.5 lots on a $5,000 account while setting a daily loss limit at 5%, calculated against the daily starting balance. Alpha Capital Group has capped the maximum loss at 10%, amounting to $500. Furthermore, the firm has enabled Expert Advisors (EA) on all phase 1 accounts, providing users with comprehensive guidelines available in the FAQ section.

Alpha Capital Group directs traders to its help center for comprehensive information on rules and guidelines. Additionally, the firm encourages individuals to explore the FAQ section to clarify the usage of Expert Advisors.

As this festive promotion unfolds, individuals are not only encouraged to seize the opportunity for a free $5,000 evaluation but also to participate in a virtual funds account assessment that aligns with the holiday spirit of giving at Alpha Capital Group.

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