Finotive Funding Introduces Enhanced Risk Rules for Trading

Finotive Funding introduces the Total Risk Rule, streamlining risk management. Real-time monitoring on the dashboard ensures responsible trading.

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Featured News: Discover the Finotive Funding Total Risk Rules, which empowers traders with real-time risk monitoring for responsible and profitable trading.

At Finotive Funding, they understand the critical role risk management plays in the success of traders. In their ongoing commitment to providing a secure and conducive trading environment, they are excited to announce a significant update to their risk rules – the introduction of the Total Risk Rule.

Risk Rules Update: The Total Risk Rule

In response to valuable feedback from their trading community, they have streamlined and improved their risk rules. They’ve consolidated three rules into one comprehensive guideline – the Total Risk Rule. This update aims to simplify risk management for their traders while ensuring a robust framework for responsible trading practices.

Key Features of the Total Risk Rule

1. Full Risk Monitoring on the Dashboard

They are thrilled to introduce complete risk monitoring directly on your dashboard. Traders can now access real-time information about their risk exposure, allowing for a quick and comprehensive overview of their trading standing within their rules. Any risk or stop loss breaches will be immediately flagged, providing peace of mind and empowering traders to make informed decisions.

2. Effective Date

The updated risk rules took effect on the 8th of December, coinciding with the daily reset at 23:00 CET. This timing aligns seamlessly with the trading day’s close, allowing a smooth transition to the new risk management framework.

Finotive Funding Introduces Enhanced Risk Rules for Trading

The Total Risk Rule Explained

The Total Risk Rule safeguards trader capital and promotes responsible trading behavior. Under this rule, the total risk on open positions cannot accumulate beyond a specified percentage of the previous Trading Day’s closing balance. The fixed percentage varies based on the type of account, as outlined below:

  • 1-Step Challenge: 4% of the last day’s closing balance
  • 2-Step Challenge: 5% of the previous day’s closing balance
  • Instant Funding: 2.5% of the previous day’s closing balance
  • Instant Funding Aggressive: 5% of the last day’s closing balance

Advantages of the Total Risk Rule

Flexible Breathing Room in Drawdown

This new rule provides traders with more flexibility during drawdowns. It ensures that traders have room to navigate challenging market conditions while maintaining a prudent approach to risk.

Scalable Risk Limits

The Total Risk Rule dynamically scales with your balance each day. If you’re in profit, your risk limits can increase, allowing you to capitalize on favorable market conditions while maintaining risk-conscious trading practices.

At Finotive Funding, they believe that effective risk management is the cornerstone of successful trading. The introduction of the Total Risk Rule reflects their commitment to creating a secure and transparent trading environment for their community. Finotive Funding encourages all its traders to familiarize themselves with these updated risk rules and leverage the enhanced risk monitoring tools on the dashboard for a seamless trading experience.

Remember, your success is their priority, and responsible trading is the key to unlocking long-term profitability. Trade smart and responsibly with Finotive Funding.

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