Funded Trading Plus December Promotions for Aspiring Traders

Funded Trading Plus unveils December promotions! Codes FTPDEC1 and FTPDEC2 offer discounts, refunds, and starting payout splits. Act fast, ends December 31, 2023!

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Featured News: Unlock December Promotions with Funded Trading Plus! Exclusive discounts, refunds, and starting payout splits are limited-time offers; act now!

In the spirit of festive joy and to usher in the holiday season, Funded Trading Plus has announced two promotions that will captivate aspiring traders throughout December 2023. Funded Trading Plus designed these promotions to empower traders by offering them enhanced opportunities to kickstart their trading journey.

Promotion 1 – Unlock the Power of Code FTPDEC1

Aspiring traders can embark on their trading adventure with a special promotion using the code FTPDEC1. This promotion offers a trio of benefits that make it an opportunity for those looking to join Funded Trading Plus:

  1. 15% Discount: Enjoy a 15% reduction on the regular evaluation account purchase, making it more accessible for traders to start their journey with Funded Trading Plus.
  2. 115% Refund: Experience added security with a remarkable 115% refund. This feature provides a safety net for traders, ensuring they have the support they need to navigate the dynamic world of trading.
  3. 85% Starting Payout Split: Begin your trading endeavor with an advantageous 85% starting payout split, setting the stage for potential financial success.

Promotion 2 – Embrace Code FTPDEC2 for Extra Benefits

For those seeking an alternative path to success, Promotion 2 with the code FTPDEC2 offers a unique set of advantages:

  1. 10% Discount: A 10% discount on purchasing evaluation accounts will make it even more appealing for traders to seize the opportunity and join Funded Trading Plus.
  2. 125% Refund: Gain an impressive 125% refund, further enhancing the safety net for traders and instilling confidence in their trading endeavors.
  3. 90% Starting Payout Split: Start your trading journey with a competitive 90% starting payout split, providing a solid foundation for potential profitability.

Funded Trading Plus December Promotions for Aspiring Traders

Act Fast – These Promotions End on December 31, 2023

These exclusive promotions apply to all new purchases of evaluation accounts. Aspiring traders can leverage these benefits as they take their first steps in proprietary trading. It’s essential to note that these codes are not available for discounted account resets, emphasizing the exclusivity of these promotions.

Traders are encouraged to take advantage of these limited-time offers as Promotions 1 and 2 conclude on Sunday. December 31, 2023. Seize this opportunity to enhance your trading journey with Funded Trading Plus and unlock the door to potential success.

In conclusion, Funded Trading Plus continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting and empowering traders through these exciting December promotions. Whether you choose Promotion 1 or Promotion 2, you’re embarking on a journey that combines discounts, refunds, and advantageous starting payout splits to set the stage for a prosperous trading career. Take this chance to make your mark in trading with Funded Trading Plus.

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