Funded Trading Plus Introduces cTrader, Offers Special Promotions

Funded Trading Plus introduces the cTrader platform for non-USA clients, offering advanced features. US traders enjoy exclusive month-long promotions.

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Featured News: Funded Trading Plus introduces the cTrader and offers special promotions, including discounts and refunds. Unlock benefits with code “APR1”!

Funded Trading Plus has strategically integrated the advanced cTrader platform. This platform brings a wealth of benefits to its non-USA clientele, including advanced charting tools for comprehensive market analysis, extensive customization options for personalized trading setups, lightning-fast execution speed for swift trades, and enhanced transparency for a clear view of market movements.

Funded Trading Plus expects that adding cTrader to its arsenal of trading platforms will significantly enhance traders’ capabilities, providing them the tools to navigate dynamic markets confidently and precisely. Whether it’s analyzing intricate market patterns, executing trades swiftly, or customizing trading setups to suit individual preferences, the cTrader platform offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern traders.

Funded Trading Plus Introduces cTrader, Offers Special Promotions

The firm has always been committed to providing clients with cutting-edge trading tools and technologies; the integration of cTrader marks a significant milestone in its journey toward empowering traders worldwide. The firm believes that offering access to platforms like cTrader provides tools and opportunities for traders to thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

Funded Trading Plus has announced a month-long promotion across all platforms for valued traders in the USA. This exclusive offer includes a 10% discount on selected services, an enticing 85% starting split, and an impressive 125% refund offer. Moreover, the firm designs these benefits to maximize profitability and minimize risk, demonstrating its commitment to your success.

For these special promotions, traders can use the code “APR1” during checkout. This will unlock many benefits and enhance their trading journey with Funded Trading Plus.

With the integration of cTrader and the launch of these special promotions, Funded Trading Plus is again demonstrating its unwavering commitment to providing traders with the resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive markets. Additionally, as the trading landscape evolves, the firm remains dedicated to innovation and empowering traders with the tools, support, and opportunities necessary to achieve their goals.

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