MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX & 2-Step MAX Plans: New in Market!

MyFundedFX debuts 1-Step MAX and 2-Step MAX plans, offering traders structured pathways with clear profit targets and stringent risk management.

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Featured News: MyFundedFX launches innovative 1-step MAX and 2-step MAX plans, empowering traders in competitive markets.

MyFundedFX has shared its latest offerings by introducing the 1-Step MAX and 2-Step MAX plans. These pioneering plans are meticulously crafted to provide traders with amplified prospects while upholding rigorous risk management protocols.

The 1-Step MAX plan is engineered to guide traders towards a profit target of 8% during Phase 1, with no predefined profit target set for the subsequent funded phase. Daily drawdown is restricted to 2% for Phase 1, mirroring the same limit for the funded phase. Additionally, both phases enforce a maximum daily drawdown of 8%, fostering a disciplined trading approach. Notably, news trading is strictly prohibited in both phases to ensure adherence to the outlined strategy.

MyFundedFX Launches 1-Step MAX and 2-Step MAX Plans

On the other hand, the 2-Step MAX plan introduces a nuanced approach. Phase 1 targets a profit of 10%, succeeded by a 5% profit target in Phase 2, with no specific profit target delineated for the funded stage. Daily drawdown thresholds are delineated at 5% for Phase 1, 4% for Phase 2, and 8% for both Phase 2 and the funded phase. Maintaining consistency, the maximum daily drawdown remains capped at 10% for Phase 1 and 8% for Phase 2 and the funded phase.

These innovative MAX plans give traders a structured pathway to success, incorporating transparent profit targets and stringent risk management parameters. By emphasizing consistency and discipline, MyFundedFX empowers traders to realize their objectives while mitigating undue risks.

Traders keen on exploring these novel opportunities can now confidently seize the MAX plans to embark on their trading journey. MyFundedFX is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that facilitate traders’ advancement in the dynamic realm of financial markets.

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