MyFundedFX Announces Updates and Future Plans for Traders

MyFundedFX introduces advanced platforms, seamless transitions, and mobile trading, focusing on customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance for enhanced trading.

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Featured News: MyFundedFX new updates: new partnerships, platforms, mobile trading, regulatory pursuit. Join Discord for more.

To continuously enhance customer experience and provide cutting-edge trading solutions, MyFundedFX has announced several significant updates and future initiatives. These developments aim to solidify MyFundedFX‘s position as an Evaluation Services Firm in the industry.

MT is Available for Purchase with Blueberry Markets

MyFundedFX has partnered with Blueberry Markets to offer MetaTrader (MT) for purchase, expanding trading options for its clientele.

Smooth Transition to Blueberry Markets

For traders hesitant about switching from ThinkMarkets to DXTrade, MyFundedFX offers a seamless transition to Blueberry Markets. Traders can fill out a form provided by MyFundedFX to facilitate the switch, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Enhanced Trading Platforms

MyFundedFX is diligently working on introducing advanced trading platforms such as CTrader and MatchTrader, which aim to provide traders with cutting-edge technology and enhanced stability.

Mobile Trading Accessibility

Recognizing the importance of mobile trading, MyFundedFX will launch DXTrade for Android and iOS platforms, offering traders greater flexibility and accessibility.

MyFundedFX Announces Updates and Future Plans for Traders

TradingView Integration

MyFundedFX is committed to integrating TradingView across multiple platforms, including DXTrade, to empower traders with advanced charting and analytical tools.

Pursuit of Regulatory License

To further bolster trust and transparency, MyFundedFX is actively pursuing its fully regulated license, ensuring compliance and offering traders the familiar MT experience with added credibility.

Focus on the U.S. Market

MyFundedFX aims to cater to its U.S. customer base by introducing more platforms and enhancing industry consistency. Plans include integrating TradingView with DXTrade to provide traders with comprehensive tools and features.

In a statement, MyFundedFX expressed gratitude for the continued support of its customers and emphasized its commitment to delivering the best trading options available. Traders are encouraged to stay updated on upcoming announcements by joining MyFundedFX‘s Discord community.

MyFundedFX remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and looks forward to delivering innovative solutions to enhance their trading journey.

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