MyFundedFX Introduces Match Trader: The Ultimate Trading Platform

MyFundedFX introduces Match Trader, an evaluation service offering flexible plans, VIP program, and exclusive discounts with code “MARCH20

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Featured News: MyFundedFX introduces Match Trader, designed to revolutionize the evaluation process for traders seeking to join the firm.

MyFundedFX has introduced Match Trader, an evaluation platform poised to transform how aspiring traders approach their journey into professional trading. With many features and options tailored to meet traders’ diverse needs, Match Trader promises to be a game-changer in proprietary trading evaluation services.

Match Trader boasts various features to provide traders with a comprehensive and flexible evaluation experience. Moreover, with account plans ranging from 1-step to 5-step, including Regular, Pro, and VIP programs, traders can select the best option with their trading preferences and aspirations.

One of Match Trader’s standout features is its VIP program, which offers traders the potential to earn up to 2.75% in profit. This program provides an enticing opportunity for traders to maximize their earnings while undergoing evaluation.

Furthermore, Match Trader facilitates split and anytime withdrawals, granting traders greater control over their funds and ensuring flexibility throughout the evaluation process.

MyFundedFX Introduces Match Trader: The Ultimate Trading Platform

To further enhance the trading journey, Match Trader offers a variety of add-ons designed to optimize performance. These include Daly Drawdown Balanced-Based and Rapid Withdrawal with a 7-day payout cycle and a Profit Boost feature, which offers traders an impressive 90% profit split.

Match Trader offers a scaling plan of up to $1.5 million for traders aiming to scale their trading activities, providing a pathway for substantial growth and expansion.

In celebration of the launch of Match Trader, MyFundedFX is extending a special limited-time offer. Traders can now avail themselves of a 20% discount on all challenges (excluding Pro) by using the code “MARCH20” during sign-up. This exclusive offer underscores MyFundedFX‘s commitment to making Match Trader accessible to traders across all devices.

With its innovative features, flexible options, and commitment to trader success, Match Trader represents a significant advancement in proprietary trading evaluation services. Also, traders eager to embark on their journey to success can now seize this opportunity and take advantage of the unparalleled benefits offered by Match Trader.

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