MyFundedFX Offers Match Trader & cTrader with 20% Discount

With MyFundedFX, access Match Trader and cTrader platforms, revolutionizing trading with accessibility, security, and advanced features. Don’t miss the MARCH20 discount!

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Featured News: MyFundedFX offers a 20% discount due to the launch of Match Trader & cTrader, revolutionizing trading with advanced platforms. Join now with code MARCH20!

MyFundedFX is proud to announce the availability of two powerful trading platforms, Match Trader and cTrader. These platforms are to revolutionize the trading experience for seasoned professionals and newcomers.

Intending to enhance accessibility and security, MyFundedFX offers a limited-time 20% discount with the code MARCH20, encouraging traders to seize this opportunity to elevate their trading game.

Match Trader: Transforming Trading Experience

Match Trader, a versatile trading server for prop firms, offers a seamless and secure trading experience. One of its key features is its accessibility—traders can access the platform from any device with an internet connection. The built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures robust security, instilling confidence in traders even when accessing their accounts from different devices.

Moreover, Match Trader empowers firms to engage traders effectively. The platform can be branded with the broker’s logo and downloaded from app stores, enhancing brand visibility and user engagement. With easy and fast access to mobile devices, traders can stay connected to the markets anytime, anywhere.

MyFundedFX Offers Match Trader & cTrader with 20% Discount

cTrader: A Comprehensive Trading Solution

Complementing Match Trader, MyFundedFX introduces cTrader, a premium charting and manual trading platform. Offering many features, including advanced charting tools, multiple order types, level II pricing, and fast execution, cTrader is a comprehensive solution for Forex and CFD trading.

cTrader, with its user-friendly interface and compatibility across desktop, web, and mobile devices, provides traders with a sophisticated yet intuitive trading environment. Backed by cutting-edge backend technology, it caters to diverse investment preferences, making it an indispensable tool for brokers and traders.

Seize the Opportunity with MyFundedFX

MyFundedFX‘s giving platform of Match Trader and cTrader underscores its commitment to empowering traders with innovative tools and technologies. The firm encourages traders to take advantage of these platforms and elevate their trading experience to new heights by offering a limited-time discount.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join MyFundedFX and gain access to Match Trader and cTrader. Embrace the future of trading today.

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