PipFarm Integrates cTrader Platform for Traders

PipFarm, led by James Glyde, launches cTrader integration, providing prop traders immediate access to funded accounts on the platform.

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Featured News: PipFarm integrates cTrader, offering prop traders stability, expertise, and immediate access to funded accounts.

PipFarm, spearheaded by industry veteran James Glyde, has officially launched its integration with the cTrader platform. This move provides traders seeking a prop firm experience with immediate access to funded accounts on the cTrader platform, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting periods.

The timing of PipFarm‘s integration with cTrader coincides with significant changes in the prop trading industry. Also, MetaQuotes, the developer behind the widely-used MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5), recently ceased support for prop firms operating on these platforms. This abrupt decision left many prop trading firms uncertain, prompting a search for viable alternatives. PipFarm, recognizing this gap in the market, seized the opportunity to offer a robust solution built on the cTrader platform.

PipFarm Integrates cTrader Platform for Traders

James Glyde, the driving force behind PipFarm, emphasizes that the decision to integrate with cTrader goes beyond addressing the current industry upheaval. “We chose cTrader not only in response to recent events but also because of its inherent strengths,” Glyde explains. “Our team has dedicated significant resources to ensure a seamless integration, backed by extensive development and beta testing.”

What sets PipFarm apart is Glyde’s deep-rooted connection with Spotware, the developer of the cTrader platform. Furthermore, with a background steeped in prop trading and cTrader development, Glyde brings a unique blend of expertise to PipFarm. Consequently, this partnership promises traders a supportive environment in which they can leverage industry-leading technology while honing their trading skills.

For prop traders seeking to transition to a platform with proven stability and industry expertise, PipFarm emerges as a compelling alternative. The firm’s integration with cTrader addresses the immediate need for a reliable trading platform and signifies a commitment to fostering trader success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

With PipFarm‘s launch, the wait is finally over for traders seeking a prop firm experience on the cTrader platform. Moreover, as the industry adapts to new paradigms, PipFarm stands ready to offer traders a pathway to success with its innovative approach and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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