SurgeTrader Announces Upgrades and Upcoming Changes

SurgeTrader expresses gratitude for support, announces platform enhancements, and offers 25% discount in limited-time promotion.

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Featured News: SurgeTrader announces platform upgrades and changes, diverse options, and limited-time discounts for traders.

SurgeTrader expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received during its migration process. In a heartfelt message, the firm’s CEO extended thanks for the encouragement and affirmed the commitment to enhancing the trading experience for its community members.

The progress report indicated that SurgeTrader remains steadfast in adhering to its projected timeline for the migration process, with no anticipated delays from the technology provider or the trading platform. However, in response to feedback from the trading community, a decision was made to switch to Match Trade instead of DXTrade for the upcoming launch. Nevertheless, DX Trade will still be available to DX Trade enthusiasts.

Excitingly, SurgeTrader plans to offer a diverse array of trading platform options, catering to the varied preferences of its traders. Alongside Match-Trade and DX Trade, SurgeTrader aims to integrate ThinkTrader and TradingView, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for analysis and execution. Additionally, the firm will introduce a broker alternative to expand trading possibilities further. For international traders, cTrader will also be accessible, catering to those outside the US who favor the platform.

SurgeTrader Announces Upgrades and Upcoming Changes

The firm assured its community that it would communicate further updates before the official launch, urging members to stay connected through social media channels and the SurgeTrader website for the latest developments.

In addition to the exciting platform enhancements, SurgeTrader announced a limited-time promotion, offering a 25% discount on trading packages as part of their “Shoot for Gain” sale. The promotion, running until April 7th, presents an enticing opportunity for traders to maximize their potential within the SurgeTrader ecosystem.

With these developments, SurgeTrader reaffirms its commitment to empowering traders with cutting-edge technology and diverse trading options, marking a significant step forward in its mission to foster a thriving trading community.

You can watch the video of SurgeTrader‘s updates.

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