SurgeTrader Introduces 2-Phase Audition for Skilled Traders

SurgeTrader introduces 2 Phase Audition, blending flexibility and high potential with virtual funding up to $1,000,000. Explore new possibilities!

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Featured News: SurgeTrader revolutionary 2-Phase Audition—flexible, competitive, and rewarding. There are no minimum trading days, and the virtual profit share is up to 90%.

SurgeTrader introduced a dynamic two-phase audition to discover and nurture skilled traders in a groundbreaking move. This Audition, set to redefine the prop trading landscape, provides two distinct phases catering to different trader preferences and aspirations.

1 PHASE: Tailored for Top Sellers and Skilled Traders

The first phase of SurgeTrader‘s Audition is for top sellers and seasoned traders seeking enhanced options. With a virtual profit target and more add-on options, this phase provides a customizable and comprehensive experience. With virtual funding opportunities extending up to $1,000,000, SurgeTrader aims to attract and reward skilled traders who thrive in a competitive environment.

2 PHASE: New Horizons, Lower Costs, and Higher Base

The second phase introduces novel elements, setting SurgeTrader apart in the prop trading industry. With a virtual max fixed drawdown capped at 8% and virtual leverage reaching an enticing 50:1, this phase ensures risk management while maximizing trading potential. Notably, traders benefit from lower costs and a higher base, making SurgeTrader an appealing choice for those looking to explore new dimensions in proprietary trading.

SurgeTrader Introduces 2-Phase Audition for Skilled Traders

The Best of Both Worlds

SurgeTrader‘s 2-phase Audition combines the strengths of both phases, offering flexibility and diverse opportunities. Traders can showcase their skills at their own pace, with no minimum trading days or imposed time limits. Virtual profit share is a key highlight, with potential earnings reaching an impressive 90%.

Payouts on Breached Accounts and Unparalleled Benefits

SurgeTrader takes pride in its commitment to traders’ success, which is evident in the provision of payouts on breached accounts. SurgeTrader‘s unique feature sets it apart, ensuring that even in challenging scenarios, it rewards traders for their efforts.

Traders seeking an innovative and rewarding prop trading experience should explore SurgeTrader‘s 2-Phase Audition. With its blend of flexibility, competitiveness, and lucrative opportunities, SurgeTrader continues to shape the future of proprietary trading.

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