Top Performers for the Week at Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group excelled, earning impressive fees. Join Discord for insights and opportunities in the trading community.

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Featured News: Discover top performers at Alpha Capital Group, achieving impressive earnings. Join Discord for insights and opportunities.

In a display of outstanding trading skills, Alpha Capital Group prop traders showcased their skills with remarkable earnings for the week ending March 3rd. The firm, known for its dynamic approach to prop trading, also witnessed exceptional performances from its top traders, resulting in impressive payouts.

Top Performers

  • Dhanalekshmi A. – Leading the pack with an astonishing performance, Dhanalekshmi A. secured the top spot with a staggering earning of $30,133.00.
  • Nithar S. – Not far behind, Nithar S. demonstrated remarkable skill and earned $19,424.00, securing the second position.
  • Tom P. – With a commendable performance, Tom P. clinched the third spot with earnings amounting to $14,198.50.
  • Samuel B. – Maintaining the momentum, Samuel B. secured the fourth position with earnings totaling $12,500.00.
  • Tahir H. – Demonstrating consistency, Tahir H. earned $11,985.00, securing the fifth position.
  • Fazal R. – Rounding off the top performers, Fazal R. showcased impressive trading skills, earning $10,189.00.

Top Performers for the Week at Alpha Capital Group

The Alpha Capital Group community celebrated another week of remarkable achievements, underscoring the firm’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and success among its traders.

Traders interested in joining Alpha Capital Group can learn from and collaborate with some of the industry’s finest. Additionally, by joining the Discord community, aspiring traders can gain insights, share strategies, and earn lucrative performance fees.


Congratulations to the Alpha gang for another phenomenal week of trading success. Stay connected and inspired by joining the Discord community to witness the ongoing journey of triumph and prosperity.

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