Adaisha’s Journey: Interview with The Funded Trader

Florida trader Adaisha conquers psychological barriers, thrives with prop firm, emphasizing self-awareness and risk management. TFT provides growth platform.

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Featured News: Interview of Adaisha’s journey from novice trader to success with The Funded Trader, overcoming psychological hurdles in prop trading.

The Funded Trader Provides Platform for Aspiring Traders to Shine

In a recent interview with Adaisha, a flourishing trader from Florida, The Funded Trader (TFT) sheds light on the challenges she faced on her trading journey and the strategies she employed to overcome them. Adaisha, who is part of TFT, shared insights into her evolution from a beginner introduced to trading through Robinhood to becoming a funded trader with a prop firm.

A Unique Journey into Trading

Adaisha’s trading journey began with a friend’s introduction to Robinhood, fostering a shared experience within their work center in the Navy. Initially relying on a strategy crafted by a friend, Adaisha used it as a foundational point. However, recognizing the necessity for a more personalized approach, she delved into educational content on YouTube. Subsequently, she stumbled upon the Inner Circle Trader through another trader named Ron Trades, representing a pivotal moment in her trading education.

The Initial Strategy and Challenges

Adaisha acknowledged that her initial strategy, comprising various indicators and EMAs, was not the issue. Instead, she recognized that psychological barriers and a lack of experience posed significant challenges. Despite successfully securing funding, Adaisha couldn’t seamlessly transition to live trading due to these psychological hurdles, emphasizing the critical importance of addressing inner difficulties.

Overcoming Psychological Obstacles

Adaisha recognized her biggest obstacle: struggling to accept the possibility of being wrong—a challenge she likened to personal relationships. To address this, she immersed herself in demo and paper trading, deliberately focusing on identifying drawdowns and observing market movements without placing actual positions. Acknowledging her psychological barriers, Adaisha is actively working on combating these issues through introspection and refining her trading approach.

Adaisha’s Journey: Interview with The Funded Trader

Trading Strategy and Risk Management

Detailing her trading strategy, Adaisha mentioned her preference for intraday swing positions, aiming to capture the majority of the daily range. She enters trades on the 15 or 5-minute charts and manages them on the one or 5-minute charts. Utilizing a percentage-based risk management approach, she emphasized the importance of understanding drawdowns and adjusting risk after losing trades.

Educational Journey and Recommendations

Adaisha shared her varied educational experiences and expressed reservations about paid trading education. She recommended aspiring traders explore free content and cited the Inner Circle Trader as a valuable resource. As an audiovisual learner, Adaisha prefers videos and audiobooks to traditional reading for learning purposes.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Adaisha expressed her ambition to day trade for others. Furthermore, she shared plans to start her live trading account next year. In doing so, she envisions attracting investors based on her trading performance, aiming to build a solid track record.

Adaisha’s Inspiring Journey with TFT

Adaisha’s journey with The Funded Trader is a testament to the challenges and triumphs traders face in the dynamic world of trading. Through overcoming psychological hurdles and refining her trading approach, Adaisha stands as an inspiring example for those aspiring to succeed in the prop trading industry. The Funded Trader continues to provide a platform for dedicated traders like Adaisha to thrive and build successful careers.

You can watch the video of Adaisha J’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with The Funded Trader.

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