Bespoke Funding 3 x 10K Classic Challenge Account Giveaway!

Bespoke Funding launches 3x 10K Classic Challenge Account giveaway. Follow, like, share, and tag to enter. Winners revealed in 48 hours.

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Featured News: Enter Bespoke Funding 3 x 10K Challenge Giveaway! Follow, tag friends, like, and share to win!

Bespoke Funding Program (BFP) has just launched a thrilling giveaway – the 3 x 10K Classic Challenge Account. Trading enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the chance to kickstart their journey with this opportunity from the famous prop trading firm Bespoke Funding.

How to Enter

  1. Follow Bespoke Funding and Biggxbull on Instagram.
  2. Tag 3 friends in the comments section of the giveaway post.
  3. Like the giveaway post
  4. Share the post on your Instagram story.

It’s as simple as that! By completing these steps, participants secure their entry into the giveaway for a chance to win one of the three coveted 10K funded challenge accounts.

Bespoke Funding 3 x 10K Classic Challenge Account Giveaway!

Challenge Details

The Classic Challenge Account comes with a set of rules and targets designed to test and enhance trading skills:

  • Traders must manage their portfolios efficiently to avoid exceeding a 10% drawdown.
  • The 5% balance-based daily drawdown represents a challenge designed to keep participants on their toes, ensuring prudent risk management.
  • Traders are encouraged to strive for success with 8% and 5% profit targets.

Social Media Engagement

To enhance the chances of winning, Bespoke Funding urges participants to engage actively on Instagram:

Bespoke Funding will officially announce the giveaway winners in less than 48 hours, heightening giveaway excitement.

Good Luck to All Participants!

Bespoke Funding wish all participants luck in this thrilling giveaway. As the clock ticks down, the prop community eagerly awaits the announcement of the lucky winners who will embark on a trading journey with Bespoke Funding‘s support.

Stay tuned, follow the steps, and who knows – you might be one of the fortunate winners of the 3x 10K funded challenge accounts!

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