Bespoke Funding Announces January Discounts for Aspiring Traders

Bespoke Funding kicks off 2024 with a 15% discount code ‘FUNDED,’ offering increased split and a remarkable 120% refund. Act now!

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Featured News: Begin your trading journey with the Bespoke Funding January discounts! Enjoy 15% off challenges using code “FUNDED” and exclusive benefits.

Bespoke Funding (BFP) has shared exclusive discounts and promotions for January to kickstart the new year with a financial boost for aspiring traders. Traders looking to embark on a funded trading journey can use these limited-time offers to enhance their trading experience.

January Discount: 15% Off

Bespoke Funding offers a 15% discount on all its challenges throughout January. Prospective traders can enter the code “FUNDED” during registration to avail themselves of this special discount, providing an advantageous start to their trading endeavors.

85% Split and 120% Refund

The benefits don’t stop at a discount; traders using the “FUNDED” code will also enjoy an increased profit split of 85%, providing them a more substantial share of their successful trades. Additionally, the code unlocks a remarkable 120% refund, offering a safety net for those challenging market moments.

Bespoke Funding Announces January Discounts & Promotions for Aspiring Traders

Additional Promos: “2024” for 22.5% Off ALL Challenges

In addition to the “FUNDED” code, Bespoke Funding is introducing another promotional code, “2024.” This code grants traders a generous 22.5% discount on all challenges, making it even more enticing for individuals eager to begin their funded trading journey.

How to Redeem

To take advantage of these exclusive January promotions, individuals can visit the Bespoke Funding website and enter the respective codes during registration. “FUNDED” for a 15% discount, increased split, and a 120% refund, or “2024” for a 22.5% discount on all challenges.

The Bespoke Funding encourages traders to start the year by seizing these limited-time opportunities to enhance their trading potential. These promotions aim to give aspiring traders a head start on their trading goals in 2024. Take advantage of the chance to leverage these discounts and kick off your funded trading journey with the Bespoke Funding!

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