Bespoke Funding: Trader Interview and Trading Insights

Trader Gabriel, associated with Bespoke Funding, reveals success and insights. Ambitious goals set for 1 million funding after consistently profitable trading.

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Featured News: From novice to consistently profitable, Bespoke Funding Trader Interview and Trading Insights, and gain insights.

In a recent interview, Gabriel, a trader associated with Bespoke Funding, shared his journey from aspiring to a consistently profitable trader. Gabriel revealed that he started trading three years ago, inspired by the flashy lifestyles showcased on social media platforms. However, he quickly realized the complexity of trading and the hard work required behind the scenes.

Expressing disdain for conventional jobs and schooling, Gabriel was determined to make trading work for him. Currently in phase two with a 200K challenge, Gabriel has set ambitious goals for the next year, aiming for a funding of 1 million. He emphasized the importance of consistently profitable and shared insights into his trading strategy.

Bespoke Funding: Trader Interview and Trading Insights

Gabriel’s Trading Strategy:

  • He concentrates on the GBP/USD (GU) pair and has previously engaged in trading activities involving US30 and SPX.
  • Trades the New York session, entering 10 minutes before it begins.
  • He uses a divergence tool and marks liquidity zones.
  • Aims for a 1:3 risk-reward ratio with an 11-pip stop loss.
  • He recently transitioned to a five-minute timeframe, achieving a higher win rate.
  • Stresses the importance of a mechanical mindset and avoiding emotional involvement in trading.

Discussing his experience with Bespoke Funding, Gabriel praised the firm for timely payouts and efficient support. He expressed confidence in the company, highlighting the transparency and professionalism that set Bespoke Funding apart from other firms in the industry.

Gabriel also touched on his funding journey in the interview, emphasizing the risk-free nature of trading funded accounts compared to personal funds. He revealed that his goal is to accumulate payouts to fund his account, making trading more secure.

As the interview concluded, Gabriel expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share his story and insights, hoping to inspire and assist fellow traders on their journeys. His simple yet effective trading approach is a testament to the diverse strategies traders can employ to succeed in the trading markets.

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