Bespoke Funding Unparalleled Features for Traders

Bespoke Funding (BFP) redefines trading with up to $2M allocation, auto-close trades, 14-day withdrawals, and monthly salaries for growth.

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Featured News: Bespoke Funding offers unparalleled features, including up to a $2M allocation, auto-close trades, 14-day withdrawals, and unbeatable trading conditions.

Empowering Traders with Unmatched Benefits and Opportunities

In the dynamic world of prop trading, Bespoke Funding (BFP) emerges as a beacon of innovation and support for traders worldwide. As a proprietary trading firm, BFP sets itself apart with a comprehensive range of features designed to elevate traders’ experiences and maximize their potential.

Trade Up to $2,000,000 in Max Allocation.

Bespoke Funding opens the door to significant trading opportunities, allowing traders to access a maximum allocation of $2,000,000, providing them with the firepower needed to navigate the markets.

Auto-Close Trades at Your Profit Target

Efficiency is critical, and Bespoke Funding understands this. Traders can automate their success by setting profit targets that trigger automatic trade closures, ensuring timely and strategic decision-making.

Withdrawals Every 14 Days

Bespoke Funding is committed to financial flexibility, allowing traders to withdraw every 14 days and providing consistent access to their profits.

Balance-Based Daily Drawdown on All Challenges

Risk management is at the forefront of Bespoke Funding‘s strategy, with a balance-based daily drawdown applied to all challenges. This approach safeguards traders’ capital and promotes responsible trading practices.

No Time Limits

Freedom is paramount at Bespoke Funding. Traders can execute their strategies without the constraints of time limits, fostering an environment that values individual trading styles.

Bespoke Funding Unparalleled Features for Traders

Instant Credentials to Your Challenge Accounts

Seamless onboarding is a priority at Bespoke Funding. Traders receive instant access to their challenge accounts, minimizing delays and ensuring a swift start to their trading journey.

Trade Copiers Allowed

Bespoke Funding embraces collaborative trading experiences. Traders can utilize trade copiers, facilitating the sharing of successful strategies and insights within the BFP community.

Great Trading Conditions

Bespoke Funding prides itself on providing optimal trading conditions. Its focus on low latency and advanced technology helps traders confidently navigate the markets.

No News Restrictions

Stay informed and make strategic decisions without limitations. Bespoke Funding imposes no restrictions on trading based on news events, empowering traders to adapt to market dynamics.

Up to 10% Overall Drawdown

Bespoke Funding acknowledges the inherent risks in trading, setting a cap of up to 10% overall drawdown. This flexibility ensures that traders can manage risk effectively and protect their investments.

Monthly Salaries with a Growth Plan

Recognizing traders’ dedication, Bespoke Funding introduces monthly salaries and a growth plan, incentivizing continuous improvement and success.

Some of the Great Features of Bespoke Funding

Bespoke Funding provides a platform for traders and fosters a community where innovation and collaboration thrive. Its impressive features make BFP popular for those seeking a propitious trading environment. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Bespoke Funding remains committed to empowering traders on their journey towards success.

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