Fidelcrest Christmas 2FOR1 Offer: Trade and Triumph

Fidelcrest’s Christmas 2FOR1: Acquire a Challenge Account, get a second free with code XMAS-2FOR1. Double your trading potential now!

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Featured News: Double your trading potential with the Fidelcrest Christmas 2FOR1 offer. Acquire a Challenge Account and receive a second account free!

Obtain a Fidelcrest Challenge Account and get a second account at no cost using the promotional code XMAS-2FOR1.

Fidelcrest is spreading the holiday cheer with its exclusive Christmas 2FOR1 offer, which provides aspiring traders with a unique opportunity to double their potential gains.

The Fidelcrest 2FOR1 promotion begins December 20, 2023, at 13:00 EET and continues until December 22, 2023, at 23:59 EET. Under this limited-time offer, individuals who acquire any Fidelcrest Challenge Account will receive a second account of the same size and type free after successfully passing phase 1.

It’s essential to note that the complimentary account, part of the Christmas 2FOR1 deal, does not include any add-ons. However, participants can still take advantage of additional selections (add-ons) when obtaining a challenge account, including options like Double Your Funded Capital, Double Leverage, Insurance, Free Retry, Unlimited Trading Days, and Max 60 days – Unlimited Retries if under 2% drawdown.

Fidelcrest Christmas 2FOR1 Offer: Trade and Triumph

Fidelcrest, known for its trader-friendly features, offers a range of options to cater to diverse trading preferences. Traders can enjoy copy-trading, with zero minimum trading days, the flexibility to trade during weekends, and the freedom to engage in news trading. Moreover, no mandatory stop-loss or consistency rules provide traders with unprecedented flexibility.

To take advantage of this festive offer, interested individuals can sign up and use the exclusive promo code XMAS-2FOR1. The promotion is open to everyone, allowing novice and experienced traders to double their trading potential.

Unwrap Fidelcrest‘s Christmas 2FOR1 offer to make this holiday season extra special. Seize the opportunity to kickstart or enhance your trading journey and usher in the New Year with double the prospects.

Fidelcrest is a leading proprietary trading firm that empowers traders by providing unique opportunities and innovative features. Fidelcrest is at the forefront of prop trading and is committed to flexibility and trader-friendly policies, enabling individuals to reach new heights in their trading careers.

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