Norwegian Trader Shares Success Story with Fidelcrest

Norwegian trader, 20, celebrates $8,845 payout with Fidelcrest. Intraday strategy, patience, and emotional control key to success.

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Featured News: Norwegian Trader Shares Success Story with Fidelcrest, sharing insights on strategy, challenges, and impressive payouts.

In a recent exclusive interview, 20-year-old Ola Garden from Norway opened up about his trading journey and experience with Fidelcrest, showcasing an impressive payout of USD 8,845. Garden, a personal trader, shed light on his path to profitability, his challenges, and the strategies that led to his success.

Garden began his trading journey at 18, initially exploring crypto trading before transitioning to Forex. His early losses included a $200 setback in just two days and challenges with prop firms. However, he emphasized the importance of staying calm and learning from setbacks.

Norwegian Trader Shares Success Story with Fidelcrest

The young trader encountered Fidelcrest after losing approximately $150,000 in capital with another platform. Following the closure of his previous venture, Garden researched the best prop firms outside the US and Canada, leading him to Fidelcrest.

Despite initial challenges, Garden received payouts from Fidelcrest, with another $8,000 at the beginning of the month and an anticipated $4,000 payout. His preferred trading style involves intraday trading on shorter timeframes, focusing on liquidity sweeps, market structure shifts, and risk management not exceeding 1%.

Garden shared valuable advice for fellow traders, emphasizing the importance of dedicated study, patience, and emotional awareness. He encouraged traders to invest time in learning and managing emotions, stressing that success in trading takes time.

Reflecting on his experience with Fidelcrest, Garden acknowledged the initial processing time challenges but praised the helpful support chat. He expressed overall satisfaction with the firm, recommending it to others.

Here is the full interview because you definitely want to learn more about the trader and his Journey with one of the best prop firm:

Last but not least, for an in-depth Review, click here. HAPPY TRADING, TRADERS!

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