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1 month ago 0 22
Giko, a trader with FundedNext, shares his journey from Forex robots to independent trading, highlighting risk management and ...
4 months ago 0 29
Fafa Alce, a trading sensation, reveals secrets to his $100,000+ profit on E8, emphasizing disciplined entries, patience, and ...
4 months ago 0 18
Trader Antonio Lama shares his rapid journey from blown accounts to prop trading success, emphasizing discipline, dedication, and ...
5 months ago 0 67
Discover Matteo's remarkable journey from plumber to successful trader with True Forex Funds, earning $20,000 in just three ...
5 months ago 0 30
In an interview with The Funded Trader, Jalen Bertrand shares insights on trading success, mentorship, and his philanthropic ...
5 months ago 0 33
Norwegian trader, 20, celebrates $8,845 payout with Fidelcrest. Intraday strategy, patience, and emotional control key to success.

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