Trader Interview: Matteo’s Journey with True Forex Funds

Discover Matteo’s remarkable journey from plumber to successful trader with True Forex Funds, earning $20,000 in just three months.

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Featured News: Inspiring interview from a plumber to a successful trader with True Forex Funds. Learn about his strategies and trading insights.

Matteo Vitti, formerly a plumber from Italy who has transitioned into a full-time trader, shared insights in a recent interview with True Forex Funds. His journey with True Forex Funds has been marked by remarkable success, earning around $20,000 in profits within three months of trading with two funded accounts.

Matteo, a 20-year-old from Bergamo, Italy, initially pursued a career as a plumber for three years. However, seeking a change and dissatisfied with his job, he discovered trading through a friend two and a half years ago. Intrigued by the potential for improved working conditions and trading flexibility, Matteo decided to embark on a new career path.

In the interview, Matteo shares that a friend introduced him to trading, and he saw it as an opportunity for personal and financial growth. Recognizing the potential to trade from anywhere and any time, Matteo found the motivation to transition from plumbing to online trading.

Matteo primarily focuses on trading BTC/USD and employs a trading strategy based on intelligent money concepts. He emphasizes the importance of analyzing macro trends on weekly and daily time frames, identifying demand and supply zones, and waiting for price movements within these zones. His scalping strategy involves entering and exiting trades quickly, often during the London session.

When asked about his preference for Bitcoin over other currency pairs, Matteo admits that he can’t pinpoint exactly why he favors it. Nevertheless, he exclusively trades Bitcoin, finding success and beneficial profits with a risk-reward ratio 1:4.

Trader Interview: Matteo’s Journey with True Forex Funds

Matteo adopts a disciplined approach to risk management, limiting his fixed risk to 1% of his capital per trade. He emphasizes the importance of analyzing losses to understand whether they stem from statistical factors or mistakes, contributing to his overall risk management strategy.

Matteo expresses excellent satisfaction with True Forex Funds, praising the firm’s zero spread on BTC/USD, bi-weekly payouts, and the introduction of new products like quick funding and timeless funding options. He sees these options as valuable for both new and experienced traders.

Matteo advises aspiring traders to build a positive trading history through demo accounts before venturing into a prop firm. He underscores the importance of continuous self-training in trading and personal growth, emphasizing that success requires dedication and discipline.

Matteo’s journey from plumbing to profitable trading exemplifies the opportunities available through True Forex Funds. His story serves as an inspiration for those seeking a career change and success in the world of online trading. Remember, with dedication and the right platform, anyone can succeed in the forex market.

Watch the video of Matteo’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with True Forex Funds.

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