FundedNext Interview Trader Shares Insights and Experiences

Giko, a trader with FundedNext, shares his journey from Forex robots to independent trading, highlighting risk management and platform satisfaction.

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Featured News: FundedNext interview and insights from a trader about his journey, strategies, and experiences in the dynamic trading world.

In the bustling world of trading, prop firms play a significant role in empowering individual traders. One such entity, FundedNext, has gained attention for its innovative approach and trader-friendly environment. To better understand what it’s like to trade with FundedNext, let’s dive into Giko’s interview. He is a trader from the Philippines who graciously shared his experiences and insights.

Giko’s trading journey, which commenced in 2020, is a tale of resilience and determination many can relate to. Despite initial setbacks with Forex robots, he bravely transitioned to independent trading. “I took the initiative to enroll in online courses and master the intricacies of trading on my own,” Giko shares. “I invested in myself.” This story of self-reliance and perseverance is truly inspiring.

One notable aspect of Giko’s trading journey is his experimentation with different styles, ranging from scalping to swing trading. “I consider myself a newbie, still learning,” he admits. “But I’m gravitating towards swing trading.”

Regarding his trading approach, Giko’s unwavering discipline and meticulous thinking are the hallmarks of his professionalism. He follows a systematic method, utilizing tools like Bollinger Bands and Pivot Points for analysis. Before making any trading decisions, he thoroughly examines multiple time frames, demonstrating a disciplined approach to the market. This level of discipline is a key factor in his success.

FundedNext Interview Trader Shares Insights and Experiences

Currently trading primarily the EUR/USD pair, Giko employs a risk management strategy of risking 1% to 3% of his account per trade, with a preference for a 1:1 risk-reward ratio. “Most of my trades have a 50-pip stop loss, and 50-pip take profit,” he elaborates.

As for his experience with FundedNext, Giko expresses overall satisfaction, which speaks volumes about the firm’s credibility. He highlights the major advantages of the 150% refund policy, profit-sharing opportunities, and achievable profit targets. However, he notes one area for potential improvement: spread consistency. Giko observed that spreads seemed wider than expected, especially compared to other platforms he trades on.

Despite this minor concern, Giko remains optimistic about FundedNext‘s offerings and actively trades with the firm. He acknowledges the importance of ongoing support and communication and suggests that addressing such concerns could further enhance the trading experience for FundedNext‘s clients.

In conclusion, Giko’s journey exemplifies the opportunities and challenges traders face in the dynamic world of prop trading. As platforms like FundedNext evolve, feedback from traders like Giko serves as valuable insights for refining and improving the trading experience for all stakeholders.

You can watch the video of Giko Pocholo Salud’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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