FundedNext Announces May Competition: Prizes Exceed $30,000

FundedNext’s May Competition offers traders over $30,000 in prizes, including challenge accounts worth $2.757 million. Register now to compete!

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Featured News: Register now for the FundedNext May Competition and win $30,000+ prizes, including a $2.757M challenge account.

FundedNext has disclosed its highly anticipated May Competition, promising traders an exciting opportunity to showcase their skills and win lucrative prizes. The prize pool exceeds $30,000, including challenge accounts valued at $2.757 million, and the competition will attract traders from around the globe.

The competition offers various prizes, catering to various trader interests. The top performer will secure the coveted Stellar 2-Step 300K prize and $7,000 in cash. The second and third-place winners will receive the Stellar 2-Step 200K and 100K prizes, respectively, and cash rewards of $3,000 and $2,000. Additionally, participants who rank fourth to tenth will receive cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $300, while those who rank eleventh to twentieth place will receive cash rewards of $200.

FundedNext Announces May Competition: Prizes Exceed $30,000

Traders placing from twenty-first to one-hundredth will get the Express Consistency 15K prize. Furthermore, participants from one-hundred-first to six-hundredth place will receive lottery coupons, with fifty lucky winners securing the Stellar 1-Step 6K Challenge.

The competition operates under rules designed to ensure fair play and transparency.  Participants must adhere to regulations such as maintaining a maximum daily loss limit of 5% and an overall loss limit of 10%. They must also meet a minimum trading requirement of five trading days and abide by commission, lot sizes, and trading position guidelines.

Registration for the FundedNext May Competition is now open, allowing traders to demonstrate their trading prowess and compete for prestigious prizes. With the opportunity to win rewards totaling over $30,000, including challenge accounts worth millions, traders are encouraged to sign up and embark on an exhilarating trading journey.

To register for the competition and showcase your trading abilities, visit the FundedNext today!

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