FundedNext Interview: Jibriel Reveals Strategies and Insights

FundedNext trader Jibriel from Manila shares gold trading strategies, emphasizing self-reliance, disciplined risk management, and counting pips over profits.

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Featured News: FundedNext interview with Jibriel, his gold trading strategies, valuable insights into risk management, psychology, and profitable day trading.

In an exclusive interview with Jibriel from Manila, Philippines, a trader associated with the prop firm FundedNext, insights were shared about his journey in trading and the strategies he employs, mainly focusing on gold during the New York session.

Jibriel, who has been trading for four years, initially ventured into the world of crypto trading, starting with Bitcoin. However, a significant setback occurred when he fell victim to a scam investment, leading to a hard-earned lesson. This experience prompted Jibriel to delve into trading on his terms, emphasizing self-reliance over trusting others with his trading decisions.

His current focus is on day trading gold, a volatile asset that aligns with his preference for quick, decisive movements. Jibriel employs the supply and demand strategy, using a custom indicator to simplify his analysis. He shared a recent trade example, demonstrating how he identifies key zones and sets up pending orders to capitalize on potential price movements.

When asked about risk management, Jibriel outlined a disciplined approach. He allocates a 3% daily risk into two parts for possible reentries in case of stop-loss hits. With a risk-reward ratio of 1:4, he prioritizes counting pips over profits, aiming for fixed pip targets while allowing runners to capture extended trends.

FundedNext Interview: Jibriel Trading Strategies and Insights

The interview also touched upon Jibriel’s performance on the FundedNext platform, where he manages a $15,000 Stellar account. Despite a win rate of 34% and a loss rate of 65%, Jibriel maintains a favorable risk-reward ratio and recently achieved a 5% profit for the week.

Jibriel expressed satisfaction with the FundedNext environment, praising the platform’s spread and slippage in gold trading. He uses the MT4 trading platform, emphasizing its suitability for his trading style.

Regarding advice for struggling traders, Jibriel emphasized the importance of continuous learning and practical exposure in the market. He stressed the significance of managing psychology and recommended counting pips instead of profits to maintain discipline. Additionally, having experienced the pitfalls of greed, Jibriel urged traders to focus on the process and stay committed to their strategies.

Finally, Jibriel recommended the book “Ultimate Price Action” for those seeking valuable resources to enhance their trading knowledge.

As Jibriel continues his trading journey with FundedNext, his insights inspire aspiring traders who want to navigate the complexities of financial markets.

You can watch the video of Jibriel’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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