FundedNext Interview: Trader Shares Successful Scalping Strategy

Carlos employs a disciplined scalping strategy on FundedNext, focusing on price action analysis and mechanical execution for consistent profits.

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Featured News: Discover Carlos’s successful scalping strategy on FundedNext interview emphasizing discipline, simplicity, and effective risk management techniques.

In an exclusive interview with Carlos, a part-time trader from Ecuador, he gives insights into his remarkably successful scalping strategy on the FundedNext platform. Carlos, who also worked as a civil engineer during the day, revealed his simple yet effective approach to trading indices, mainly focusing on US30 and NASDAQ.

Carlos’s strategy revolves around pure price action analysis, devoid of any indicators. He meticulously examines the 4-hour, 1-hour, and 30-minute charts to gauge market sentiment and identify potential breakouts. His trading window primarily centers around the New York session, where he waits for clear breakout signals.

The essence of his strategy lies in identifying key ranges and waiting for price movements to breach these levels during the New York session. Once the breakout occurs, Carlos enters the trade with a predefined stop-loss and take-profit ratio of 1:3. This disciplined approach allows him to manage risk effectively while aiming for substantial gains.

FundedNext Interview: Trader Shares Successful Scalping Strategy

One notable aspect of Carlos’s methodology is its mechanical nature. He strictly adheres to the predefined criteria without allowing emotions to interfere with his trading decisions. His backtesting results indicate an impressive win rate of around 70-73%, underscoring the robustness of his approach.

When asked about his experience trading on FundedNext, Carlos expressed satisfaction with the platform’s trading conditions, particularly highlighting the tight spreads during the New York session. He commended FundedNext‘s support team for promptly addressing concerns and contributing to a seamless trading experience.

Despite his success, Carlos acknowledges the importance of psychological discipline in trading. He emphasizes the need to remain confident in one’s strategy and avoid succumbing to doubts or emotional impulses. Carlos’s unwavering commitment to his methodology and disciplined risk management testify to his trading prowess.

Aspiring traders grappling with the challenges of securing funding may find solace in Carlos’s advice: stick to what works, refine your strategy, and maintain unwavering discipline. Carlos exemplifies how consistent profits can be achieved in the dynamic trading world with a clear plan and steadfast determination.

In conclusion, Carlos’s journey on FundedNext underscores the potential for success through a disciplined and systematic approach to trading. As he continues to navigate the markets with confidence and precision, his story inspires traders seeking to unlock their full potential in finance.

You can watch the video of Carlos Villalva’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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