FundedNext Pass Aid: Simplifying Trading with Automated Targets

FundedNext unveils Pass Aid, automating trade closures upon reaching targets, providing traders with efficiency and peace of mind.

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Featured News: FundedNext effortlessly introduces automated trading targets with Pass Aid, enhancing the efficiency and focus of eligible traders.

FundedNext introduces its latest innovation, Pass Aid, which is designed to streamline the trading process for traders. With Pass Aid, traders can now also hit their targets effortlessly, allowing them to focus on making strategic decisions without the hassle of manual trade closures. Best of all, this cutting-edge tool is available for free to eligible traders.

Pass Aid actively monitors traders’ gain targets in real-time. Once traders reach their targets, the system automatically recognizes the achievement and closes the trade, effectively eliminating the stress associated with manual intervention. This automation enhances efficiency and gives traders peace of mind, as they know their targets will be met seamlessly.

FundedNext is excited to introduce Pass Aid, which marks a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to empower traders with the tools they need to succeed. By automating the process of hitting targets, the firm aims to provide traders with greater control over their trading journey while minimizing the complexities involved.

FundedNext Introduces Pass Aid: Simplifying Trading with Automated Targets

Key features of Pass Aid include

  • Automated Target Recognition: Pass Aid monitors traders’ gain targets and automatically closes trades upon reaching the set objectives.
  • Free Add-On: Pass Aid is a free add-on for eligible traders, enhancing the trading experience without additional costs.

However, please note that Pass Aid is unavailable for Express Challenges, and traders must select it as an add-on during purchase. Additionally, it is only available for new challenge accounts.

FundedNext continues to innovate and empower traders with cutting-edge tools and resources, reaffirming its position in the prop trading industry. So, with the introduction of Pass Aid, traders can trade confidently and efficiently, knowing that their targets are within reach.

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