FundedNext Trader Elijah Shares His Trading Strategy

FundedNext trader Elijah employs a swing trading strategy, focusing on smart money moves and managing risk meticulously for profitability.

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Featured News: Discover insights from FundedNext trader Elijah on his Forex trading strategy and risk management techniques.

In a recent interview, FundedNext trader Elijah discussed his journey as a full-time trader and his unique approach to the markets. Elijah, also known as “Elijah the Rich,” shared insights into his trading strategy, risk management techniques, and experience with FundedNext.

Elijah began his trading journey in 2016, initially dabbling in cryptocurrencies before transitioning to Forex trading. With a background in marketing and sales, Elijah found his passion in the dynamic world of trading markets. He primarily focuses on trading gold and EUR/USD pairs, employing a swing trading strategy around identifying smart money moves.

His trading strategy involves pinpointing fundamental market shifts, mainly changes in character and structural breaks, which he identifies using the Lux Algo indicator. Elijah emphasizes trading exclusively on the 15-minute timeframe, allowing him to avoid erratic spreads and focus on high-probability setups.

FundedNext Trader Elijah Shares His Trading Strategy

Despite maintaining a modest win rate of 28%, Elijah’s risk-reward ratio 1:8 ensures his profitability. He meticulously manages his risk by limiting each trade to 1-2% of his account balance, utilizing dynamic position sizing based on account size and instrument volatility.

One notable aspect of FundedNext that attracted Elijah is the platform’s innovative profit-sharing model. FundedNext offers traders a 15% share of demo stage profits, providing an added incentive for traders to excel. Elijah lauds FundedNext‘s vibrant community and commitment to continuously improving their offerings.

Looking ahead, Elijah remains optimistic about FundedNext‘s future and the potential for further innovation in the prop trading industry. He believes FundedNext‘s dedication to fostering trader success sets it apart from the competition.

As Elijah continues to navigate the markets with precision and discipline, his insights serve as a testament to the effectiveness of his trading approach. With a keen eye for market dynamics and a steadfast commitment to risk management, Elijah exemplifies the qualities of a successful trader in today’s competitive landscape.

You can watch the video of Elijah Ogbanufe’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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