FundedNext Trader Shares Insights on Risk Management & Strategy

A Kolkata trader shares insights on risk management, trading GBP/USD, with a focus on disciplined strategy and FundedNext experience.

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Featured News: FundedNext trader from Kolkata, India, shares insights into trading strategy and risk management in an interview.

In a recent interview, Debanjan, a Kolkata-based Indian trader, shared insights into his trading journey, risk management strategy, and experience with FundedNext.

The trader, who preferred to remain anonymous, has been actively trading for almost three years, focusing primarily on the GBP/USD (cable) pair. With a predominantly intraday trading style, he also emphasizes a meticulous approach combining various trading methodologies, including ICT Supply and Demand, and his unique interpretation of market dynamics.

His strategy revolves around identifying key levels on multiple timeframes, paying particular attention to weekly and monthly closing prices. He also incorporates elements of directional analysis, closely monitoring momentum shifts and liquidity patterns, especially during critical trading sessions like London and New York.

Despite a modest win rate of 28%, the trader highlights the paramount importance of risk management in his approach. He diligently adheres to a structured risk management plan, initially limiting his risk exposure to 2% per trade and scaling down to 0.5% after consecutive losses. This disciplined approach, combined with a favorable risk-reward ratio of 1:4, has enabled him to remain profitable, even with a relatively low win rate.

FundedNext Trader Shares Insights on Risk Management and Strategy

When asked about his sources of learning, the trader acknowledged drawing inspiration from various online platforms and educators, notably mentioning Nick Shawn, whose statistical approach resonated deeply with him. He emphasized the shift in mindset from “trying to be right” to effectively managing downside risk as a pivotal turning point in his trading journey.

Regarding his experience with FundedNext, the trader expressed satisfaction with the firm’s support and trading environment. He praised the responsive backend team and highlighted the seamless transition from trading his account to joining FundedNext‘s platform.

Looking ahead, the trader revealed plans to diversify his trading portfolio by incorporating the USD/CAD pair, backed by extensive fundamental research on the Canadian dollar.

In conclusion, the trader’s story underscores the importance of disciplined risk management and adaptability in navigating the dynamic landscape of markets. His journey is a testament to the resilience and perseverance required to succeed in the challenging trading world.

You can watch the video of Debanjan Saha’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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