Mastering the Markets: Journey of Samuel with FundedNext

Samuel, a trader with FundedNext, shares insights into his trading journey, emphasizing perseverance, adaptability, and the importance of mentorship.

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Featured News: The journey of Samuel from a struggling novice to a successful strategist with FundedNext. Perseverance and adaptability lead to profitable trading.

In a recent interview with Samuel, a trader with FundedNext, he shared his journey from struggling to find consistency in trading to developing a profitable strategy. Samuel’s story highlights the perseverance and adaptability required to succeed in the dynamic world of trading.

Samuel began trading in 2019, acknowledging that he had yet to figure out everything initially. However, through dedication and learning from mentors, he pieced together a strategy that worked for him. March of a recent year marked his transition to full-time trading, a significant milestone in his journey.

His strategy is trading liquidity rates during the Asian and London sessions, focusing primarily on EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs. He identifies stop hunts and employs a simple yet effective approach, waiting for breaks of fractal highs or lows to enter trades.

During the interview, Samuel demonstrated his trading process, emphasizing the importance of avoiding high-impact news days and market clusters. He meticulously marks session ranges and uses fractal indicators to identify entry and exit points.

Mastering the Markets: Journey of Samuel with FundedNext

When asked about his risk management approach, Samuel initially risked 1% of his account per trade but later adjusted it to 0.5%. He emphasizes the need for adaptability, acknowledging the occasional drawdowns but maintaining confidence in his strategy’s long-term viability.

Regarding FundedNext, Samuel expressed satisfaction with the platform’s services, particularly highlighting the tight spreads and minimal slippage. However, he suggests a lower withdrawal threshold for affiliates, making it more accessible for them to withdraw earnings.

Samuel advises struggling traders to persevere, emphasizing the importance of staying in the game and seeking mentorship. He encourages traders not to give up despite the challenges, stressing that success comes with time, effort, and continuous learning.

Currently operating a Stellar account with FundedNext, Samuel remains confident in his trading approach despite occasional drawdowns. He plans to continue trading diligently, seizing opportunities as they arise.

Samuel’s story inspires aspiring traders, showcasing the rewards of perseverance and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of trading. Samuel exemplifies the potential for success in the financial markets with a solid strategy and a resilient mindset.

You can watch the video of Samuel’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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