The Funded Trader March Competition: Rewards for Top Traders!

The Funded Trader’s March Competition offers traders a chance to win up to $400K and additional cash prizes. Visit the website to participate!

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Featured News: Participate in The Funded Trader March competition for a chance to win up to $400K. There are over $45K in prizes!

In a thrilling announcement, The Funded Trader reveals its much-anticipated March competition, promising a spectacle of trading prowess and substantial rewards for participants. The competition, set to commence in March, boasts an impressive array of prizes totaling over $45,000.

1st Place – A Royal Triumph:

The coveted first position in the March competition is set to receive a staggering $400,000 in the Roval Challenge. But that’s not all; the first-place winner will also be presented with an additional $7,500 in cold, hard cash, cementing their triumph in this trading battleground.

2nd Place – Roval Riches:

The runner-up willn’t walk away empty-handed either. The second-place winner will receive $300,000 in the Roval Challenge and an extra $2,500 in cash—a substantial sum for those who narrowly miss the top spot.

The Funded Trader March Competition: Rewards for Top Traders!

3rd Place – Roval Recognition:

Claiming the third-place position in the competition also offers rewards. The trader in the Roval Challenge will receive a commendable $ 200,000, plus an added $1,500 in cash, a testament to their trading acumen.

4th Place – Dragon’s Den:

Securing the fourth rank introduces a twist with the $200,000 Dragon Challenge and an extra $500 in cash. It is a challenging opportunity for those seeking to test their skills in a different arena.

5th Place – Mystical Fortunes:

The fifth spot offers a unique experience with $100,000 in the م Dragon Challenge and an enticing $500 in cash. A mysterious journey awaits the trader who lands in this position.

Bonus Prize – Dragon’s Hoard:

In an exciting twist, The Funded Trader is introducing a bonus prize for every account that achieves profits exceeding 30%. A $10,000 Dragon Challenge awaits those who conquer this profit threshold, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the competition.

With more than $45,000 in prizes, The Funded Trader‘s March competition beckons traders from all corners of the traders’ world. Encourage traders to visit the competition page on the website, where they can join and contend for these attractive rewards. The link is conveniently accessible in the bio. Prepare for an exhilarating month of trading as The Funded Trader sets the stage for unparalleled challenges and rewards in prop trading.

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