The Funded Trader Updates and Exclusive Promotions for Traders

The Funded Trader introduces Three-Phase Dragon Challenge & Knights Challenge updates, offering exclusive promotions for early participants. Welcome to the future of trading with TFT!

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Featured News: Discover The Funded Trader trading updates and exclusive promotions. Seize unparalleled opportunities in the evolving world of prop trading!

In a bold move signaling the evolution of trading opportunities. The Funded Trader proudly announces the release of groundbreaking features and enticing incentives by introducing the Three-Phase Dragon Challenge and the enhanced Knights Challenge.

Knight Challenge Enhancements:

Elevate your trading with Knights Challenge updates—introducing 4% and 7% drawdown add-ons for $5K and $10K tiers. Empower traders with enhanced flexibility to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the market.

Dragon Challenge Takes Flight:

The Dragon Challenge, a three-phase challenge designed to elevate trading experiences, is now available. This balance-based challenge offers lower prices and introduces options, providing traders with diversified strategies. The first payout will be delivered within seven days, showcasing The Funded Trader‘s commitment to swift and transparent reward mechanisms.

The Funded Trader Updates and Exclusive Promotions for Traders

Exclusive Promotions for Early Participants:

The Funded Trader is launching two exclusive promotions for early participants to celebrate these milestones. The first 250 traders who use the code DRAGONLAUNCH during registration will enjoy a remarkable 10% off, a 95% lifetime profit split, and an additional 2% bonus from each challenge phase (6% total) paid on the first withdrawal.

For the Knights Challenge, the first 100 participants leveraging the code KNIGHTLAUNCH will receive an exceptional 30% off, an 85% lifetime profit split, and a generous 5% bonus from phase 1 of the challenge, paid on the first withdrawal.

Seize the Opportunity – Welcome to the Next ERA of TFT:

The Funded Trader continues to pioneer innovative solutions in the prop trading landscape. These updates and promotions mark the dawn of a new era for traders. Embrace the challenge, explore the possibilities, and secure your position in the future of trading.

Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers – use the respective launch codes, DRAGONLAUNCH and KNIGHTLAUNCH, during your registration process to unlocking these unprecedented benefits.

Welcome to the next era of The Funded Trader – where opportunities meet innovation, and success becomes the new standard.

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