TopTier Trader Transition to TradeLocker Following ThinkMarkets Service Withdrawal

TopTier Trader CEO Dave Guttman announces transition to TradeLocker for all traders following ThinkMarkets service withdrawal. Smooth migration assured.

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Featured News: TopTier Trader transitions to TradeLocker, ensuring seamless trading amid ThinkMarkets service withdrawal. Smooth migration process outlined.

In a recent message to the community, TopTier Trader CEO Dave Guttman addressed the significant industry-wide change resulting from ThinkMarkets’ decision to withdraw their services. In response to this shift, TopTier Trader will exclusively offer TradeLocker to all new traders and immediately migrate existing traders currently on MetaTrader platforms to TradeLocker.

Guttman emphasized the importance of direct communication with the community during change and outlined the steps TopTier Trader is taking to ensure a smooth transition. Today, the firm will email detailed migration process instructions to provide traders with a clear understanding of the steps involved.

All MT4 and MT5 accounts will be migrated to TradeLocker after US trading hours today to facilitate the migration. TopTier Trader advises traders to close all trades by February 26th, 5 PM EST, as the system will automatically close any remaining trades by February 26th, 6 PM EST. The firm will seamlessly migrate balances to TradeLocker and retain existing trader activity on the dashboard.

TopTier Trader Transition to TradeLocker Following ThinkMarkets Service Withdrawal

Traders will receive email notifications regarding their MT accounts indicating the account status and login credentials for their new TradeLocker accounts. Trading will resume on TradeLocker by February 27th, 9 AM EST, without impacting trading days or payout schedules.

TopTier Trader will temporarily pause payouts during migration but will resume them the following day. Guttman assured the community that additional updates will be provided throughout the migration process to ensure transparency and support.

TopTier Trader remains committed to delivering continuity and quality in the trading experience for its community members. Guttman expressed gratitude for the understanding, patience, and continued partnership of TopTier Trader‘s traders during this transition.

For more information and updates, traders are encouraged to visit the TopTier Trader website and monitor their email for communication from the firm.

Disclaimer: Trading involves risk, and past performance does not indicate future results. Traders should consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance before participating in the financial markets.

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