Trading Insights: A Trader’s Journey with FundedNext

Hassan Muhammad emphasizes psychology over analysis in trading, advocating for resilience and discipline in navigating market challenges.

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Featured News: Learn from trader Hassan Muhammad’s trading insights on psychology-driven strategy and experience with FundedNext.

In a recent interview with Hassan Muhammad, a trader from Nigeria, he shared insights on his trading journey, strategies, and the importance of psychology in trading. Hassan, who has been trading for about six years, focuses primarily on day trading major pairs like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, and gold.

One key aspect of Hassan’s trading approach is his emphasis on the psychology of trading rather than just technical analysis. He believes maintaining the right mindset is crucial for market success. Hassan emphasizes the need to constantly remind oneself that a single loss does not define one’s trading career and that resilience is key.

Hassan follows a trading style based on the “smart money” concept he learned from ICT’s content. He looks for high-probability setups, such as changes in market structure and liquidity sweeps, to enter trades. His preferred time frame for analysis is the 2-hour chart, with confirmation from lower time frames like the 5-minute chart.

Hassan expressed satisfaction with the platform’s features and support when asked about his recent experience with FundedNext. He particularly praised FundedNext‘s 15% profit share on challenge phases, incentivizing traders to put in their best effort. He also welcomed the addition of the MT5 web terminal to the platform, making trading smoother and more convenient.

Trading Insights: A Trader’s Journey with FundedNext

Reflecting on a recent setback where he lost his trading account due to over-risking, Hassan shared the importance of taking a break to refocus and reassess one’s trading strategy. He now manages risk more effectively by adjusting position sizes based on stop-loss levels, aiming for steady growth rather than aggressive gains.

In closing, Hassan offered advice to struggling traders, emphasizing the need to prioritize psychological resilience and continuous learning. He encouraged traders to persevere through challenges and remain disciplined in their approach.

Overall, Hassan’s insights shed light on the importance of combining technical analysis with a solid psychological mindset for success in trading. His experience serves as a valuable lesson for traders at all levels.

You can watch the video of Hassan Muhammad’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with FundedNext.

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