Blue Guardian: New Challenges, Policy Updates

Blue Guardian announces a 3-phase challenge, new account adjustments, refund policy updates, and leverage adjustments for funded accounts.

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Featured News: Blue Guardian introduces safer, sustainable trading updates, including leverage adjustments and a new challenge.

Blue Guardian has announced a series of updates and adjustments set to roll out in the coming weeks, Bolstering community safety and fortifying trader strategies. The firm is preparing to launch a three-phase challenge while implementing key policy modifications.

Blue Guardian is excited to announce these upcoming changes aimed at meeting and exceeding the expectations of valued traders. The centerpiece of the forthcoming updates is the launch of a three-phase challenge, promising an exclusive opportunity for participants to test their skills and compete in a dynamic trading environment. The firm teases tantalizing sneak peeks of the challenge, promising to unveil them while keeping the details under wraps.

Adjustments to new account policies are among the pivotal alterations set to take effect. Compelling May 1st, new accounts will be subject to revamped terms aimed at optimizing trading conditions while safeguarding the integrity of the community. Existing account holders need not fret, as these modifications will not impact their current arrangements.

Blue Guardian: New Challenges, Policy Updates

Blue Guardian is revising its refund schedule to enhance transparency and stability further. The updated policy, slated to commence from the fourth payout for traders, incentivizes longer-term trading strategies, cultivating a more resilient and dynamic trading culture.

The firm also exclusively implements leverage adjustments for funded accounts to mitigate risk and promote responsible trading practices. This move modestly reduces leverage across various asset classes, underscoring Blue Guardian‘s commitment to prioritizing trader safety and curbing excessive risk-taking behaviors.

Effective immediately, the revised leverage ratios for funded phase accounts are as follows:

  • Forex: 1:50
  • Commodities and Indices: 1:10
  • Cryptocurrencies: 1:2

These adjustments balance opportunity and risk, fostering an environment conducive to sustainable growth and prudent trading strategies.

For traders seeking further clarification or assistance, Blue Guardian assures them that its dedicated support team is ready to provide guidance and promptly address any inquiries.

Traders can anticipate further announcements and developments as Blue Guardian prepares to usher in these transformative updates. Stay tuned as Blue Guardian prepares to roll out these transformative updates. Additionally, the company reaffirms its unwavering commitment to empowering traders and cultivating a thriving trading community.

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