FundedNext Secures Regulated Broker License, Elevates User Experience

FundedNext propels forward, securing a regulated broker license, offering MT4 and MT5, ensuring seamless transitions for enhanced user trading.

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Featured News: FundedNext secures regulated broker license, improving the trading experience with MT4 and MT5—smooth user migration.

FundedNext has proudly announced the acquisition of a regulated broker license. Consequently, this strategic development propels FundedNext towards its overarching vision and substantially benefits traders.

The newly acquired license empowers FundedNext to offer MT4 and MT5 on its broker platform, marking a significant milestone in the firm’s growth. This enhancement reinforces the firm’s long-term viability and promises an enriched trading experience for its valued users.

FundedNext Secures Regulated Broker License, Elevates User Experience

A seamless transition awaits the MT4 users at FundedNext as the platform undergoes streamlining measures. Users will automatically log out of their MT4 accounts as part of a standard update. While this is a straightforward process, users must select ‘FundedNext – Server’ for the FundedNext Account and ‘FundedNext – Demo’ for the FundedNext Challenge Account as their server names upon re-logging.

MT5 users, on the other hand, can breathe easily as their trading journey remains uninterrupted with no required changes to their accounts. Furthermore, looking ahead, users can choose between ‘FundedNext’ and ‘GrowthNext’ for future registrations.

Acknowledging the potential surprise these changes may bring. FundedNext assures users of a smooth transition. Existing MT5 accounts remain unaffected, and MT4 accounts under INCENTECO will seamlessly migrate to FundedNext MT4, preserving users’ valuable trading history.

FundedNext will conduct the migration process on January 13-14, 2024, announcing specific migration times at a later date. FundedNext remains committed to providing a secure and enhanced trading environment for its users, and these latest developments underscore its dedication to pushing boundaries in the world of proprietary trading.

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