Journey to Success with The Funded Trader – TFT Interview

Jon’s journey from Miami to Texas with The Funded Trader reflects discipline, self-awareness, and creating an ideal trading environment.

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Featured News: Discover the transformative journey from Miami to Texas and learn how he unlocked success with discipline, self-awareness, and The Funded Trader – TFT interview.

Becoming a successful prop trader is no overnight feat; it’s a transformative journey marked by self-discovery and discipline. in a recent interview with The Funded Trader (TFT), Jon from Florida shared his remarkable experience, shedding light on the challenges and victories that shaped his path to success.

Originally from Miami, Jon made the strategic decision to relocate to Texas. He sought a quieter environment to hone his trading skills while expanding his insurance business. His move aimed to create a conducive atmosphere for personal and professional growth, away from the distractions that Miami presented.

Having traded for three years, Jon faced initial challenges, likening the experience to learning to ride a bike with inevitable bumps. The pivotal moment came when he realized the need to distance himself from distractions. His solution? A deliberate hiatus from social media for a few years was a therapeutic choice that significantly contributed to his consistent improvement in trading.

Reflecting on his time in Miami, Jon acknowledges the city’s allure but highlights the excessive temptations that came with it. He moved to Texas to eliminate distractions and focus on cultivating an environment conducive to his goals.

When asked about his learning process, Jon candidly shared his initial struggle of knowing what to trade and, more importantly, when to trade. Random trades at any time of the day led to more losses than gains. Seeking guidance, he stumbled upon ICT (Inner Circle Trader), a valuable resource that provided a deeper understanding of trading concepts.

Journey to Success with The Funded Trader – TFT Interview

Discussing failures, Jon emphasizes the importance of offline aspects, such as calming the mind and understanding oneself. Drawing from neuroscience, he stresses the significance of embracing struggle and pain, urging individuals to seek solutions in healthy activities rather than quick handouts.

Jon’s trading routine is to maintain focus and calmness. He avoids the London session and finds the New York session more suitable. His day starts with an early dog walk to gather thoughts, followed by chart analysis, trade execution based on his strategy, and journaling sessions for self-reflection.

Addressing routine violations, Jon emphasizes the interconnectedness of each component in the trading process. Consequently, disrupting one element significantly affects the entire system. To illustrate, he describes a self-imposed punishment: violating rules results in a trading hiatus for the rest of the week, encouraging strict adherence to his established routine.

In selecting a trading model, Jon appreciates ICT’s approach of providing a variety of concepts. He chose elements like bias of the day, imbalances, and liquidity timing as crucial components of his trading strategy.

Jon’s journey exemplifies the importance of discipline, self-awareness, and creating an environment conducive to growth in the challenging world of prop trading. As he continues to thrive with The Funded Trader, his story inspires aspiring traders seeking success in the dynamic and rewarding realm of trading markets.

You can watch the video of Jon Malekan’s full interview and gain deeper insights into his trading journey with The Funded Trader.

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